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  1. nickat14000

    Skydive Taft

    This is a mid sized drop zone that has the facilities of a big drop zone and the feel and attitude of a small drop zone. I arrived on the first day of the largest rain storm in 50 years. I stayed in the full service bunkhouse for a few days until the weather cleared. It cleared up on the 24th of December, Christmas eve. The ENTIRE DZ showed up that day with the sole intent of getting my first aff jumps in. I did aff 1-4 in that day. Two days after Christmas we had great weather and they, with extreme patience, made sure I was competent enough to achieve my aff 7. The same day I was put in the last load and completed my first solo. In the subsequent week I got my logbook filled to 18 jumps including a hop and pop or two on some of the not so pretty day. Overall, it was the best time of my life and the whole dz made it so.