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  1. EVickiW

    DB Cooper

    I have come forward and asked the FBI to consider looking into our father, Melvin Wilson. Not for the fame. My brother and I just want to know why he vanished off the face of the earth. 45 years ago today, my brother and I used the typewriter in my mom's room. We were told the typewriter belonged to our father. This is what we wrote. Sometimes these two little kids that wrote this letter are still in our hearts and heads. We still continue to wonder where he went. This is why we came forward.
  2. EVickiW

    DB Cooper

    It is...Under a different screen name.
  3. EVickiW

    DB Cooper

    If Cooper was mid forties in '71, he could have served at the end of WWII. Leaving home at 14 - 15 and lied about his age to serve.