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  1. Likewise. First asked about an AAD from a complete rig I am selling. Replied that I am selling the whole system not component parts to which came a reply today (like all the others) which makes no sense: Thanks for the mail. Great, this is exactly what I need and I'd really like to pay you in cash at hand but right now , I want the item but i live in NY. I can overnight the payment to you Perhaps, given my job as a set administrator for a movie. We move from one location to another, so am just very used to buying and would make arrangements for it to be picked up after you must have confirmed payment with your bank. So my means of payment will be Certified Cashier check,which is more secured and better than any other means of payment. I'm okay with the price so that you consider it sold to me including transport logistics fee. The pick up will be effected by my transporter after you have confirmed the payment cleared to your account. If this is ok by you, I will need these information below to enable me send the payment out to you immediately via UPS so that we can proceed. (1) Full Name.... , (2) Address to mail the payment....(not a postbox address). ,(3) Cell Phone number.... , (4) Asking Price ........ I will mail you the payment tracking number as soon as I get the information and let you know when you will receive it.