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  2. In theory you're correct, but there's so many other things that might factor into a "violent" turn caused by a toggle fire. Have people at your DZ explain it in detail. I myself didn't experience a "violent" turn because of toggle fire 'till I flew a elliptical canopy with a wingload at 2.0-2.2.
  3. You're contradicting yourself. If you want a newer design you're automatically gonna get better performance then from your katana, and it's gonna cost you if you go for a new design. So, if you want to hold on to your nickels but still upgrade, should probably try JFX or a VC (since you didn't like the VE), at least then you would upgrade to a newer tech, not the latest, but still newer. My opinion is that the Mamba is a far superior wing then the Katana and they are dirt cheap, takes a bit to get used to openings and flying in set brakes. Don't bother with the Zulu, it's not what you're after.
  4. I have just over 300 jumps on each a mamba, xf2 and a zulu. Also a handful of jumps on a KA. My progression: KA 120 XF2 129 @ WL 1.6-1.8 Zulu 122 @ WL 1.7-1.8 Mamba 104 @ WL 1.8-2.1 As mentioned I only did a handful of jumps on the KA and at the time my main was a Sabre1 170, my only memory is that it scared the shit out of me because of how aggresively it dove after initiating a turn. XF2 Openings - Slow and mostly on heading Performance - Canopy flies flat and the recovery arc is really short, decent power on rears, easy to harness and it rolls out of a turn nice and smooth. Versatility - As mentioned it flies flat, but you can really get distance out of it if you utilize rears/brakes. And more... - It had a tendency to dive when I had linetwists, didn't like that at all. I also had a XF2 109 @ WL 2.1 as a demo, and I must say that I liked that one soo much more then the 129 and the lower WL. Zulu Openings - Hands down the best openings on any canopy I've tried. Of all the 300+ jumps I did on it, I can count the offheadings on one hand and of those, max 2 were 90+ degrees. Openings are just on heading and fast. Performance - Flies relatively flat, dives alot after a turn, easy to harness. Longer recovery arc then a XF2, but not an aggressive arc. It rolls out of a turn quicker then an XF2. I could never get along with rears on this canopy, so I went back to pitching with toggles. Versatility - This canopy could really get you back from a longspot, but you had to really utilize rears. Mamba Openings - Really nice quick openings, mostly on heading. When brakes are stowed, it's really twitchy and once every now and then it just takes you for a real nasty dive towards the ground. Most of those I've had to unstow the brakes before I can even try and stop the spinning. Performance - This canopy does not fly flat, it dives and even more so after initiating a turn. It's really responsive from harness input. Recovery arc is a bit longer then on the Zulu, roll outs are also a bit longer. Rears are quite nice. Versatility - It can fly kinda flat, but it really seeks the ground. And more... - This is the canopy that comes closest to a crossbraced canopy without being one.
  5. I put just above 300 jumps on a brand new zulu with the ZLX lines and didn't notice any wear out of the ordinary, except on my lower steering lines, but that was my own fault (on how I stowed the excess lines). Compared to the line wear on my previous xf2 and my current mamba that both use/d vectran 500, I'd say that ZLX and vectran are equally in wear and keeping line trim.
  6. Welcome to beautiful Dalarna. We are a small, seasonal (Apr-Oct), DZ situated just outside of Borlänge. We primarily operate on weekends (10am-6pm) and fly a Cessna 206 turbine that takes us to 4000m (just above 13000 ft) in approximately 17min from takeoff. Skyfamily vibes are strong, and during the summer we all usually end up around the BBQ with a large community dinner.