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  1. here is a trick my DZO does to have a tensing flight for only 70$ (not the same lens...but I love mine ) belly, freefly wingsuit, etc, it's does fog a on the way up on hot and humid day, but as soon as I exit the plane, it's all good.
  2. WTF...what the fins ?!!!
  3. excuse my ignorance (my first language is french) but what exactly does mean the term "elevators" in wingsuiting ??
  4. The back inlets on the arm wings seems to be differently positioned on the different suits on the video (some more toward the leading edge and some more on the lower side of the wing)...probably it was shot at experimental stage !
  5. This is not a complete review...but it's the actual suit in flight :-) Video came out yesterday !
  6. Thanks....didn't have my camera with me so I won't post photo for now...I'll experiment different ways to use the grippers and find the way I prefer
  7. Ok...stupid question maybe... but I couldn't find any answer or photo doing search on the forum. I just bought a used phantom 1 wingsuit. I found out that there is a kind of pocket on the armwing gripper. I'm wondering how it was design to be hold...Is it for the thumb to go in (creating a small curve on the inside/front side of the wing) or for the fingers on the back of the wing. I tried both way...and I believed it's easier to hold it with thumb inside...but could'nt figure if it's the right way... It's pretty hard to explain the question...I'll try to post some photos of both way to hold gripper by tomorrow. Thanks !