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  1. Just going back through the years of tributes, wanted to share this about my friend Danny Page. Sitting at Sicily Drop Zone one weekend in June or July for the Military Nationals, about 1989. Folks weren't meeting the bird in a timely enough fashion, so CSM Dave Clark lit up the assembled lollygaggers. He, with an incredible intense tone and impressive volume, directed THREE loads of jumpers to gear up and stand in the hot sun to meet the next three helicopters. I, a DA civilian, sitting on my packing mat in the shade up the hill next to Danny, was struck with fear. Gear up? Hide? Danny was lounging next to me, Air Force haircut, shirt off, rubbing suntan lotion onto his chest. "He's not talking to us," he assured me with a yawn as he adjusted his sunglasses. I was nervous. Danny was sublimely at ease. I'm sorry with each passing year to know he's not here, enjoying life like only he could. Deb AmbroseQuote