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  1. I am currently doin the mod for 180, feel free to message me if interested
  2. glad to hear it tom! remember i have that $20 referal goin on blue skies brotha!
  3. Updating this post with some pics of the camera modified, some shots taken of the bracket that allows front step mounting while being able to access the battery and memory card without removing from helmet, and some pictues taken with it in free fall. message me if interested, blue skies
  4. Now making front step brackets for these cameras as well, pictures soon to be posted. Happy holidays
  5. Sorry been away from this forum for a while, I mod the camera with a short wire lead that exits the camera body and has the 2.5 mm port on the end suitable for the common bite switch, I do modify the 5n as well as the nex7, pretty much all the Sony nex cameras. Hope this helps
  6. For those looking to lighten up there camera set up, take a look at the Sony alpha Nex series cameras! They don't have a external shutter release port for biteswitch but I've been doing quality modifications to these cameras for skydiving. 7 frames per second, 14.2 mega pixel, quality lenses, all the features of a full size dslr with a fraction of the size and weight! Feel free to message me any question or inqueries. Blue skies
  7. heres the response on the argus issue in reflex rigs. Subject: Argus and the Reflex Harness / Container First let me say that I think what the PIA and its Mfg. members are doing is just wrong. They do not have the authority to ground the Argus or any other AAD. Only the FAA can do this via an Emergency AD Notice. Regarding the Reflex, we purchased Fliteline and its assets which included the Reflex. But we do not manufacture the Reflex. We only supply replacement parts, to help keep Reflexes alive. Regarding the installation of the Argus or any other AAD, it is the responsibility of the rigger to do the installation. The Reflex manual only refers to the CYPRES, simply because at the time, it was the only AAD available. If a Rigger determines that another AAD is compatible, then they can do the installation. Here, at Action Air Parachutes, we will continue to pack Reflex containers with an Argus unless the Argus manufacturer grounds the Argus or the FAA issues an Airworthiness Directive regarding the unit. Until one of those two things happen, it is ultimately the owner / user’s responsibility to decide if he/she is going to use it. Unfortunately many current (PIA influenced) riggers are not willing to do the job that their certificate gives them the privilege to do, like inspect and pack a reserve over 20 years old. It is a riggers responsibility to inspect, determine airworthiness, repack and recertify a reserve parachute. IMHO, if a rigger is not willing to do this, regardless of the age of the parachute, that person should surrender their rigger’s certificate. The FAA addresses the use of AAD’s in AC 105-2C. This says that the installation can be approved by the Manufacturer or the FAA. And it says that you “should” follow manufacturer’s instructions. It does not say that you “must”. If you want to stir the pot, ask why rig manufacturers have approved the installation of any AAD that could affect the normal deployment of a reserve. The fact is that all three AAD manufacturers have had their own Cutter problems and recalls. So why crucify just the newest kid on the block? The manufacturers of Parachutes and their components are taking control for rigging decisions that they have no legal authority over; like establishing life limits on equipment. There were and are no life limits in the current TSO certification process. The manufacturers are only getting away with this because no one has challenged it - yet. The USPA should lead this charge along with AOPA, EAA and the soaring society. This is how I see it, as a Master Parachute Rigger and FAA DPRE with some 30 plus years of experience. Ray Ferrell Action Air Parachutes, Inc 24390 Aviation Ave Davis, CA 95616-9408
  8. Yeah. sorry, been meaning to get these up. Heres some exit shots i took last weekend along with deployment and landing, take in mind im not a world class freefall photographer by anymeans and im using the autofocus but you get the idea
  9. I have used it for video on fun jumps and doing video for friends but have yet to use it on tandems as i usually shoot tandems in standard def rather than high def. Works great, Ive considered mounting two, one for vid one for stills the only thing thats kept me from doin this is the lack of a hyp-eye compatability but im working on a wired mod for this...
  10. The 16mm pancake lens that Sony makes has worked well for me and others that I know are jumping this camera, havnt had the opportunity of using a fishers attachment yet (still saving up for the 18-200 mm lens for other uses...) but I know theyre out there. Hope this helps, feel free to message me any questions Blue skies justin
  11. i have my nex 5 mounted on a gold member quick release and havnt had any issues, it has plenty enough mating surface to sit flat and snug when mounted. i have been playing with the settings and lenses to figure out what works best for the paticular shots im taking, speed priority is significantly faster and if your shooting in manual focus then you can adjust the apeture and shutter speed to your liking... not to sure about your question on the ois and the lenses, i do know that you can get adapters to change to other lenses besides sonys... hope this helps still working on getting those pictures
  12. The ir remote mod is possible but results are variable in performance and from a few Sony forums not all the cameras functions work via ir remote, hence why I and others have opted to just hard wire a 2.5 mm port