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  1. I fly a Spectre 150, weigh 200 pounds out the door, so my wing loading is 1.33... It opens so smooth, one time I almost started to cutaway, but it was just doing what it does, open smoothly... All openings are on heading, unless of course, you're the one who is off course or still flying horizontally... But even in this scenarios, it is very forgiving. I can tell you, that on my wing loading, it flies faster than my friends heatwave 135 (similar to a stiletto)which he loads around 1.4 and always opens on a line twist. I have to fly heavy on my rear risers so we can fly together. Front Risers: It responds good enough to riser inputs, however, it needs to go from a slow flight (breaks on) to a front riser pull to respond. This is on my specific case. It simply flies fast, so the lift is to great to pull on front risers. Rear Risers: Super Docile! you can do almost anything... fly so slow you'll see other canopies just going by. However (on my wing loading), Stalls are very nasty, specially if you're not prepared. Landings: On my wing loading, it responds fast and accurate enough to do all the landing pattern on harness turns only. leaving your toggles up high for a nice swoopy-kida landing. Flares are not as powerful as on a Sabre, it tends to sink more (again on my wing loading) but no trouble at all. If you flare low you'll get a nice swoopy finish! If want to stop on a dime, just start flaring higher and progressively. Enjoy
  2. luccarodolfo

    Gath Hat

    The new breed, with the foam forehead, fits quite snug and is very slick, offering very low wind resistance... I thought it was going to be a problem, since it shows more area to the wind than the older model. But nope... if you measure your head and buy the proper size... snug fit! Offers good protection and doesn't try to fly off your head once you leave the door! Specially while on a fast track or sit fly. The only cons is the chin strap. On the new models (at least on mine), it tends to slack. However, fix it to your desired fit, add couple of stitches on the strap and WALA! It will fly no problem with a Go Pro on top. Enjoy
  3. This toy is perfect if you have budget in mind or if you're only starting... It's dead accurate and quite loud. Specially if you don't read the warning "don't try close to ear on land"... It won't go off if you're not free falling, so it won't indicate altitude if flying under canopy... If you're looking for an audible, that tells you where you are vertically while approaching, go for a Optima II. Otherwise, this is just perfect. Very EZ to use and setup. Enjoy!