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  1. Angela0722

    Talon FX

    I've had my FX2 for about 6 months/200 jumps now. I have a smaller frame with a short torso, and the rig fits incredibly well. I requested that my chest strap was placed in a lower position, which wasn't necessarily an easy task due to my relatively short stature, but they managed to do it and it fits great. RI puts "sure grip" on the cut away and reserve handles at no extra charge. It's a rubber coating that ensures that your hand wont slip off the handle (especially helpful when wearing gloves). My hands are on the smaller side, and RI included smaller reserve and cutaway handles so that I can get my entire hand around them, once again, ensuring a solid grip when I need it. There is a flap sewn into the BOC which helps keep your pilot chute from creeping out. This is particularly useful when free flying. I have zero complaints about my rig. It's comfortable, it stays put no matter what body position I fly in, and the customer service has been second to none. Rigging Innovations takes pride in their work and stands behind each and every rig they build.
  2. If you have an Altimaster Neptune 2, please be advised that the backlight may not stay lit while under canopy. The back light will turn on as soon as you exit the air craft, but once you're under canopy it may turn on and off sporadically. I contacted the company and they are aware that it is a problem, but don't know how to fix it. They have not issued a safety bulletin nor have they included anything in their manual about this situation so if you have a N2, please use a back up lighting method.
  3. I purchased this altimeter right out of AFF. It's been accurate most of the time, with just a few hiccups here or there. My main problem with this altimeter is that two of us with the N2 did a night jump with it last week and while the back light turned on as soon as we exited the air craft, once we were under canopy, it kept turning off. When I initially contacted the company they stated they were aware of the situation but "We have not been able to duplicate the problem in house, therefore not much information is available as to a fix. What our engineers have guessed could be the problem is changes in barometric pressure and canopy speed. For some reason, the unit thinks that the jumper is on the ground and turns the back light off…then when a turn or higher speed maneuver is done, the unit turns back on again." When I pressed them stating that it is a USPA requirement to have illumination on an altimeter and that this is a significant safety issue, they replied that I could send the altimeter in and they would take a look at it. I indicated that I wasn't interested in sending either altimeter in (as one of them had just been "inspected" by them and literally had 3 jumps on it since the inspection). All I was asking is that they let people know that this could occur. They responded and stated that the N2 was being phased out and began pushing me to purchase their N3, which doesn't have this problem. I told them that just because the N2 is being phased out doesn't negate the fact that there are still likely thousands of sky divers out there using and will continue to use the N2 for years to come. . .and all of these sky divers have a right to know about this potential safety hazard. It basically boils down to the fact that this company is aware of the fact that this is a problem and they have blatantly not issued a safety warning. This situation could cause a canopy collision at night by a distracted sky diver trying to get the back light turned back on or someone who can't see it and loses track of altitude. Please be aware of this company's poor attitude towards our safety when considering purchasing one of their products.
  4. Ok, so I've pretty much had a nightmare of a time trying to get a container. I recently had a Mirage M2S custom made for me and it turned into a disaster which ended in a reserve ride on my 3rd jump on it due to a hard pull (and it was not because of the way it was packed or that I am not strong enough, etc, etc, etc). Mirage is taking the container back and I now have the world of conatiners at my fingertips, and I am open to any suggestions or advice any of you may have. Some background on me: I am a smaller girl, 5’4” 130lbs, and have a rather short torso. My home drop zone is Skydive Arizona, which is in the heart of the desert, and I have a brand new Pilot 150/PD 143 reserve. So needless to say, the pack volume is at its poofiest. I did like the Mirage a lot, my only complaint (other than I almost died in it) is that even with it custom fit to me, it still lifted off my back when I sit fly (some people say it’s due to body positioning, but reading through forums on here, it seems to be a problem a lot of people experience with Mirage). I’m leaning towards Talon or VooDoo since they are both constructed in Eloy and RI knows the environment I will be jumping in. Do any of you have any advice? Pros/Cons to either? I want something that fits, is comfortable, FF friendly, and most importantly something that I’m gonna . . .uh, well NOT die with. Thanks!