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  1. I did some research and had a look at previous posts here and on some other forums...yes you are right. Thanks so much for help! Blue skies!
  2. Hi guys, I am looking into used Tri 135 hybrid,but found standard one. Is it a big project to add retractable rings on the top skin and does it make sense to go for it? It would need the bridle too. Thanks
  3. I went there for some fun jumps and brought some friends for tandem jumps. Here is my observation: USPA Skydivers still NOT Welcome. That creates very tight/closed skydiving community full of Sky Goods. Not catered for experienced jumpers who are willing to work on their skills. Not fun jumpers friendly for sure. Low attitude toward new experienced skydivers. No sport attitude. Just business. You pay for everything. Low attitude between team members and instructors. You can hear them talking bad about each other all the time. Bad attitude toward pilots. Pilots are very professional, quiet and nice. Many of them highly skilled. Extremely long wait times for fun jumpers and tandems. Few hours. Tandem jumps- oriented. Cessna 182 DZ. Facility is very clean. Management problems. Camping&accommodation problems: No outdoor washrooms, hydro, water. No bunkhouse or trailer to rent. Little restaurant on the sight. You can relay on it. No DZ safety officer. Nice packing aria. Large packing team. Mostly west winds. Hangar is on the west side so landings are in mechanic rotors and uphill. Bad relationship to neighbors. There are important rules where NOT to land if off DZ. Rental rigs new or in good condition. Tandem students asked to check on their instructors! Did they hook you up? Nice colors on the wall inside the hangar. There are few other DZs close to Toronto I would rather recommend for fun and tandem jumps for sure.