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  1. sweet! i have heard some of them have a built in turn... so i just wanted to know what some experiences other people have had. thanks love that rush!
  2. ok so i have a tempo 150 reserve does anyone know alot about them... if anyone has had a reserve ride on one please let me know what you think of them... love that rush!
  3. i actually have a really good bev suit that fits tight and has booties and i cant were it right now... but the zipper so now i have to send it off to get it redone. love that rush!
  4. actually dave... what happened was the guy in the dakine rags suit was the base... i was the only one that fucked up the jump... why we ended breaking early is cuz there was a glider underneath us... when he deployed i was 100 feet west of him in a track... so no things didnt go as plan cuz of me... no im not embarrassed to have that video on here... but really wish you wouldnt put me down... like i said in an earlier post... i want positive input... love that rush!
  5. do yall think that is ok or whats y'alls in put? love that rush!
  6. im actually able to sit fly and i have thought about just gettin into a sit and get down that way... then once on the same level get to them... love that rush!
  7. yeah normal sized people might help alot huh? lol. and yeah you were watching me in the video... i was de arched cuz i was trying to get into a dive and i did but i was going so steep it threw me out of it. how exactly do you get in a delta... do you think getting in a delta would help? love that rush!
  8. im usually about 50 feet above and 25 to 50 feet away... i try to get into a steep dive but when i do it throws me on my back... right now im wearing shorts and a tight under armor shirt... this is really frustrating, embarrassing, and its really getting me down... i cant stop thinking about how i kept messing up.... this is the jump from yesterday and it was the 2nd or 3rd time to try to get down to someone, but i no i sucked it up... im in the blue full face helmet and in shorts... love that rush!
  9. ok so im having problems getting down to people that i want to dock on. if im on the same level as them i can get to them i just cant get on the same level. i jumped today and couldnt and its bothering me... i weigh 135 pounds so i dont have a fast fall rate as it. so if yall could give me some tips and tell me what yall do, i would appreciate it so much! so any positive info is very helpful and well appreciated... thank yall... love that rush!
  10. if your phone or battery ever gets wet you can get a zip lock bag, put rice in it, and then put the phone and battery in the zip lock bag. and leave it for 24 to 48 hours... i dropped my iphone in the lake went home and did that and it works now. love that rush!
  11. i wonder if a canopy will open completely and correctly if you pull while your in an outdoor wind tunnel??? of course it would have to be done with a wind tunnel thats not enclosed love that rush!
  12. so i made my cat D2 this saturday. it was my 8th jump... (and no i havent failed any jumps i had to do a recurrency and i did 2 tandems.) but anyways that dream i had was really f*cked with me when i was getting ready to go up cuz all i could do is remember that damn dream! and we got to altitude and my instructor said "you ready to skydive?" i said no... so she asked me again, and i said yeah lets roll. even though i was still worrying about the dream. i got out on the stabilizer and step and said "FUCK THIS SHIT! IM GOING TO KICK SOME ASS!!! ITS JUST A DREAM!!!" and there i went! in short the skydive went awesome! and i landed 3 feet from the pea's and stood it up.... but is it normal for someone that had their first skydive nightmare thats a beginner to mess with their head that much their next jump? love that rush!
  13. i use to get my adrenaline rushes from riding bulls, until i messed my back up really bad... and i use to rope and ride horses as well cuz i live on a ranch... hence the cowboy part of my username. love that rush!
  14. damn! lucky for you in your dream! my aad didnt go off... but i guess it wouldnt have mattered for me cuz my reserve wouldnt come out of the container! but seriously this dream has the shit scared out of me! idk if its my conscious trying to tell me something or what! but i only have 7 jumps so i didint know if these kinds of things were normal. love that rush!