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  1. I started jumping at Headcorn after doing my AFF abroad, they were quite welcoming and quickly got my to my A licence as my AFF was uspa. Has all the facilities to get jumping but a big criticism sadly is some of the staff attitude, rude and obnoxious. I get the impression I should be honoured to jump with them as opposed to being treated with respect as a paying customer. Majority of staff are friendly and helpful, its just a few bad apples that spoil it. All that said, Headcorn isn't that bad, good equipment, manifest works well with a 10 min notice, canteen is ok but don't expect a gourmet meal! 2 planes (1 goes to 12k the other to 10k)Lots of air displays from aerodrome whilst your waiting. Good landing zone as well.
  2. 1 of 3 near vegas (about 20mins drive) the other 2 are tandem factories. Very small outfit run by very professional people. They only have a small 5 seater plane but this is excellent for fun jumpers. Gave me lots of helpful advise and made the whole experience great. I went with a friend who did his 1st tandem and we went up on our own load. Do not confuse these guys with Vegas extreme skydiving who operate from the same DZ - they are a tandem factory only and are not welcoming at all to fun jumpers. Many thanks to Brad and his team for making jumping in Vegas memorable for me. I will 100% be back when next over there.