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  1. To all his friends- I had the honor of finding LeRoy after a long and exhaustive search. I was part of a Utah Army National Guard Blackhawk helicopter crew that made it our mission to not give up until we found him. The fact that LeRoy was a Veteran gave us all the extra motivation we needed to accept the risks of flying in those treacherous canyons. I want to be sensitive to those of you who new and loved him by just saying this, I believe he didn't suffer and the death was immediate. I can tell you that it appears that he somehow became hopelessly tangled in his chute and that the chute likely never even fully opened. I am not an expert so my opinion is based on a novice observation. To those of you who served with him in the military, I am proud to say that the Army found one of their own and helped to bring closure to a devastating week for his family.