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  1. As mentioned, TelStar refers to the Blue & Red pattern of the canopy. The patterns had different names and TelStar was one of many. My first Mark I was a TelStar purchased at Lakewood Sport Paracenter in New Jersey.
  2. I met Max at Lakewood NJ in 1969-70. He was a rotund fellow in those days with a great sense of humor. A visiting Skygod managed to annoy all of us with criticism and poorly chosen remarks. The fellow was going to show us how R/W was done. Max suggested he spot the load and, as the plane turned on jump run, Max prompted, "Ya, this is a Norseman. You got to lean way out there to spot!" As the fellow leaned further, Max bumped him out the door. As the fellow fell away, Max smiled mischievously and announce, "He fell out!" The lasting lesson was never to exhibit attitude at altitude, to be friendly and blend in socially. I thought highly of him and will never forget him. Blue Skies forever, Max.
  3. I met Gary in early 1968, shortly after I returned from Viet Nam. He was in VMCJ-3 and I was in MABS-33 at El Toro MCAS. I made my first jump at Skylark Aviation and we had lots to talk about. As years would pass, we maintained contact. I continued to jump until November 1992. Gary was a multitalented individual. I enjoyed his sense of humor, his energy and his dedication to the development of sport parachuting. He is often in my thoughts. I attach a photo taken in 1980 of Gary, who was an ASO at the time, and Dave Wilds. Semper Fi, Gary.
  4. Mr. Chapman, My apologies for being so difficult to locate, but I enjoyed our phone conversation. I'm delighted to learn you've obtained the Sensor. As I commented, the canopy never malfunctioned for me and served me well. I hope it serves you every bit as reliably. When I return from southern California, I will go through my photos and written material for more of the canopy's history. Blue skies and soft landings, Ed