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  1. If anyone is interested I whipped out the foam liner pieces, filled a sink with warm water and added some of my lad's baby shampoo and then just used a cloth to scrub it all over. Put it in the cupboard overnight to dry and today it's like new again. Wonderful.
  2. Hello Dug out my original Sky Systems Benny helmet the other day after a few years inside a hold-all. Helmet is obviously sound but the liner, whilst fine, has some spots of a rust-like substance on it. Must be some kind of exotic mould maybe. Anyway, since the liner is just attached by velcro, I would like to wash it. Anybody done this? And if so, what temp, hand wash or machine etc. I just don't want it to shrink or anything. Cheers
  3. Went and spoke with someone today. We didn't pop the reserve to have a look but the general consensus was that it will probably be alright but better off retiring it. And I'm happy with that if I'm honest now it's been confirmed. We didn't get into the nitty gritty because by the time I get back in the air - next spring - the reserve will be 27 years old. That's old. Really old. I don't know why I was trying to eek out a few more repacks on it. I'll just save up through the winter and buy a brand spanking new reserve which should last me for the rest of my days. Makes sense to me now.
  4. All very good advice thanks. I think getting a rigger to take a good long look over my gear will answer any lingering questions. Especially with regards to the reserve. That will be interesting. I want to pop it with them and see what it will be like. We will have to wait and see. I love my container, always have. It's a bit like your first car, so I'm hesitant to write it off just because of the passage of time. You know, part of me is just thinking I should save up between now and next year and just buy a brand new PD126R if the rigger gives me bad news. A bit extravagant maybe, but it should see me through the rest of my days. Even if I should downsize a bit.
  5. I'm just shy of 6ft and weigh in at a whopping 141lbs.
  6. The last main I had was a Crossfire 2 119. After I do my re-currency jump next spring I intend to upsize to buy a 135 for a few jumps as that's the max size that will fit in my old Jav I believe.
  7. Right, so I'm 98% certain I'm going to start jumping again next Spring (got to let the idea percolate in the wife's mind for a few months). Will have been away from the sport for about 6 years by then. So I went up to the loft and found the suitcase containing my old pride and joy and blew the dust off like an Indiana Jones movie. Inside I found my rig, right where I'd left her. A Javelin - DOM October 1998! And inside we have a PD 126 - DOM 1992! No main as I sold years ago, and I also have my Vigil 2. Fist things first I pressed my Vigil 2 button and it greeted me with a Hello - half a decade from it last being pressed. I was impressed. Long story short - what's the deal with my gear? It's old - I know that - but will it see me through next year to do 50-60 jumps? The container I bought after AFF almost 10 years ago and it's only done 139 jumps in the last 10 years. It's in good condition. I'll obviously get a rigger to give it a once over next year. I emailed Vigil and they said it will need a new battery next year as it will be 10 years since DOM. That's fine. On a side note, AAD (Vigil) have insanely good customer service. Very impressed. So it's just the reserve I'm worried about. It's 26 years old for crying out loud. Over half a century. Is there a rigger on here who can advise me? Should i just bite the bullet and buy a new reserve? Or will it just need an airing and a repack? Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. How long does it take you to travel to your home dropzone? I've relocated and the DZ I intend to jump at next year is about 1 hour 10 mins away, which isn't too bad. Does anyone have a mega commute they do regularly?
  9. I've actually got a PD 9 Cell 150 that I'm borrowing at the mo whilst I save for something else. I've jumped this canopy in 190 and 170sq ft and like it. It's a good canopy for a newer jumper like me as it's not too radical and has a nice amount of flare (DOM is '94 I think but it's done less than 200 jumps). I jumped a Sabre 150 the other week whilst my reserve was getting re-packed and you could really tell the difference - much more responsive when turning and seemed much faster. I'm happy with this PD 9 Cell though for the moment. It does the job nicely.
  10. Yeah it's a BOC system. Got it sorted now. Cheers
  11. No, I didn't jump it. I did finally come to my senses as I was trying to close it like that though! Closed it correctly now, as per the owner's manual above.
  12. That's great. Thanks for that. So the closing loop goes OVER the bag and through the bottom flap! I was putting it under the bloody bag and then through the bottom flap, so when you pulled the closing loop it would pull the bag up as well! Thanks again.
  13. I have just bought my first rig and the container is a Javelin - date of manufacture '97. Now, I learnt to pack on a TSE Zerox and the closing sequence (as the closing loop is on on the bottom flap) is - bottom flap, top, right then left. On my Javelin the closing loop is at the top near the bottom of the reserve tray and so is a bit of a pain in the arse to pack if using the closing sequence mentioned above. Therefore, when I packed it the other day I had to go top, bottom, right then left. Is that right? I haven't had chance to ask anyone at my DZ as I haven't been up in a couple of weeks. It packed fine but I want to just make sure that is the correct closing sequence. Nice one.