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  1. Just did my first trip to Skydive East Coast and all I can say is I am very impressed with their set up. The plane is clean and very comfortable (best cessna I've been in). More importantly the view is amazing. You can see all of LBI and the wetlands. Will absolutely be back. Highly recommended for a first time jumper!!!
  2. taurusfall2004

    Canopies for Kids

    Simply awesome!!! Will absolutely be taking a bear on a jump this summer ;)
  3. I ordered my container in July and was jumping it by October. First, infinity has an excellent website when creating your rig. Thank goodness for the 3D design app, it really makes it easy to see the end product. Next, the production was seemless and speedy. The support was second to non. Tony made sure numerous times on the embroidery as well as color choices. His suggestions helped the overall look of my container. He was able to get it finished two weeks early as well. When I got the container, all I can say it is SIIIICK! It came exactly how I ordered it. And they threw in a bunch of free goodies in my D bag :)), nice surprise (Tee shrit, pull up cords, bottle openers,ect) My suggestion is to find a local infinity demo and talk to a rep. Keep in mind they have tons of "secret options" that are only by word of mouth. One being FREE black hardware. Infinity can be assured I will be a customer for life. Awesome rigs, great support and nicely priced considering most basics are fee based options of other rigs.
  4. I am reviewing the 1X which is the exact same helmet as the 2x but without the camera mount. All I have to say is WOW, the quality of these helmets are untouched. By far the lightest, queitest, and best looking/fitting helmet I've worn. The audible pouch is comfortable and easy to access. You can have an external audible installed cheaply too. The helmet includes a chin cup. Also, Tonfly is smart in that they planned for future options. You can add LED's ect, without altering the lining. On the other hand, the main issue with these helmets are the price. My goodness they are expensive!!! But like anything else, you get what you pay for. Tonfly is like the Ferrari of skydiving equipment. It's not a gimmick like I previously thought. Their equipment really is top notch and worth the money if you can spare.
  5. I bought this helmet after having a pro-tec right after graduation. First, the helmet is A LOT lighter and quiter than low end helmets. Also, the carbon fiber looks cool and seems pretty strong. On the other hand, the strap could not be any cheaper. I caught myself checking the strap as part of my pre jump checks since is so cheap. I never really feels secure. Next is were I really experienced my issues. The customer service for Bonehead is nothing short of HORRIBLE. I was given directions to back the helmet for a custom fit when I bought it. I gave the helmet to my GF who wanted to bake it for herself so I call customer service for the directions. The woman who picked up the phones claimed to be an owner of the company and was nothing short of rude. Her response was "why would you want to bake it",and made me feel stupid for even calling about it. She had such a bad attitude I refuse to support Bonehead. God forbid I had a real issue, I doubt it would get resolved by them. Long story short. If you are going to spend the 200+ dollars. I suggest getting a low end Tonfly helmet. They are closly priced and have WAY BETTER materials. The helmet is not bad but the customer service and materials are CRAP!!!
  6. First, let me start by saying this place is great, clean and friendly. I'm glad I came back after my first experience here (which was not a good one). Let me explain, I showed up solo during a busy boogie. I felt I didn't get the care needed as a first time jumper. Similarly, many of the fun jumpers I met this day were "too cool for school". Kind of left a bad taste. But what can you really expect at a super busy boogie On the other hand, I returned a month later on a regular weekend and can tell you it was a completely differnt vibe. This place is AWESOME!!! The staff went out of their way to make sure myself and my group prepared for a safe jump at there DZ. (Spent over 30 mins giving us a 1 on 1 tour). The ladies at manifest actually put priority on fun jumpers which is rare. She even offered to fly the skyvan down from Canada so we could jump it the next weekend instead of the Caravan. WOW, now thats customer service. Also, on this day they did 2 passes, letting the tandems out first, so the fun jumpers would get full alti. Many times giving us over 13500 without asking ;P. Most of the fun jumpers were friendly and were keen to offer good advice. The facilites looked clean and the camping looked good although I didnt stay. Overall, this place has good planes, a good vibe and a good view of the Delaware water gap.
  7. I recently bought a Vigil 2 this past summer and so far it has been GREAT. I personally prefer it of the Cypres because of the user interface. Cypres seems a little crude for my liking. I researched this AAD in and out, and found that each AAD had its own individual problems. This comes with technology people. Cypres claims to have 100% reliability but apon closer review they are wrong. Many feature turned me off about the Cypres and Vigil 2 was just a better option. First, price. The Vigil goes for 1200 installed, when the Cypres goes for 1400 if not more. Also, Vigil backs their products and will replace your cutter for FREE in the event of a save. These cost 200 or more from Cypres. Second, the battery. Its cheaper and easier to replace than the Cypres. Lastly, its long lasting. The Vigil 2 has a life of 20 years while the Cypres has a little more than half of that. So far the Vigil 2 has be AWESOME and the extra money for jumps certainly came in handy this summer. Have fun, be safe, and Blue Skyz!!!
  8. I really wanted to give this dropzone 5's but I just can't get over the vibe here. First, let me start with the good. The planes are EXCELLENT. This dropzone has tons of different planes to jump, which is a huge advantange and tons of fun (I love the Skyvan). Also, they have great facilites for those camping or just on a day trip. Now the bad. The vibe here is terrible. Here being "cool" overshadows anything else, even safety. If your not flying a 80sqft parachute people will not even talk to you, let alone ask you to jump. One thing that bothers me most about the people is the lack of advise. I've seen people, some of them instructors, walk by individuals acting unsafely and they say Nothing. I would not suggest jumping here as a student unless you can secure the same instructor for the entire AFF. Many times here as a student I felt degraded and unwilling to continue. Its a shame because I would jump here more often if the vibe would change. If you have a group of friends in which you can jump with than this is a great dropzone, otherwise take a drive and have fun jumping with others. [I wanted to log back in to update this review.June 2011 This place STILL has a horrible vibe. The other review nailed this dropzones' attitude. So much happens at this DZ I'm surprised they haven't had more accidents. People do selfish and unsafe moves (no separation, low pulls). I have had too many close calls here. This sucks since this place has the potential to be one of the best NE dropzones. Only reason I'm writing again is in hopes either a manager or owner reads this. Please manage your staff to be welcoming and to observe unsafe behavior. (A student expressed to me "he was yelled at for not bringing the right beer"). Your concerns should be if he was safe and had a good jump. He was looking for a debrief for over hour. I can feel his frustration as this happend to me numerous times during my AFF. Similarly, minor things like not dragging tandem canopies can potentially prevent a tragic accident. I observed a tandem canopy that was so worn the stitching and the lable were completely gone. A slight change in attitude and this place could be a fun jumpers dream. On the other hand, I can go on and on about how unwelcoming and quite frankly rude the instructors and fun jumpers are. The current staff and jumpers makes you feel like the nerd at the cool kid table in High School with the amount of gossip and sh*t talking at the DZ and on the plane. Don't get me wrong, not all the staff is bad. For example, Tandem Rob is a pleasure to be around and what drives people to this sport. X Keys needs to model their staff after him. I feel he truely gets this is skydiving and should be fun. As I stated before, take a drive to a different DZ and have fun jumping. Hopefully someone from X Keys reads this b/c your DZ needs some serious vibe/professionalism help.]