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  1. sorry riggster...i don't have news or updates about the course...does anyone know of anything lately about the course? cheers
  2. do you think it is wise to go visit the dropzone and talk to someone about the course? just to see the place and all?
  3. thanks rhys, cphelan and bigway. thanks for all the makes me feel like doing the course again now...however maybe after they sort things out at their end. cphelan if u could please keep me updated here or pm that would be absolutely awesome. bigway my email is [email protected] she can email me please. thank u so much for all your help! i'm getting really excited!
  4. hi there, i'm someone considering of going to the skydiving school next year...but after reading this should i be worried?? is USPA better than NZPIA license? as in would it be recognised in NZ and overseas? as i understand NZPIA is more accepted in NZ only? really want to do the course but now..might have to look at other options...
  5. so tempting for me to do it next year! anyone out there who have done this course recently?! recent graduates? i need some insights of the course and job opp in this bad times!!
  6. so i heard that skydiving is going to cost a lot ..but i'm slowly saving up now! i think i'll do it next year. i found more info about the course and it looks good! will update u all if i start diving next year! and thanks again for the advice! everyone around here is so friendly and helpful!!! thank you thank you thank you. i'm very grateful! =)
  7. hello! i'm totally new to the forum and skydiving. the only skydive i did was a tandem skydive. absolutely loved it. thinking about doing something crazy and making it a hobby/career.. but have doubts and fears....should i or shouldnt i? regrets?