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  1. here's one of the emails he sent me Hello Micheal, Thank you for your quick response and I am happy that you have finally recieved the payment.You can box up the rig and get it ready because I will be ready to get them shipped as soon as possible. So what I need from you now is for you to remove the $2000 for the rig and for you to send me the rest by western union so that I can arrange for the shipping.I have other equipments that I need to get shipped so I want to do them all together.If you remove $2000 from $5000 the remaining balance is $3000 and you can remove the western union charges from the money you are sending.Please send to the information below..please do get back to me with the 10 digit control number that will be giving to you at the western union.. Name: Mike owens Address: 48 walbank road birmingham. b8 2ex United kingdom Mike
  2. Hi quick question, does installing/removing a cypress unit require the reserve to be opened? thanks.
  3. +1 Friendly guy. Great service. Washed the container I bought from him for free!! Keep up the good work likestojump!
  4. Hi there, I'm new to the sport and have a quick question when buying used gear. When buying a used canopy or container by themselves what do they usually come with. For example when buying a used canopy can you expect it to come with risers, a pilot chute, and D-bag? Or are these something that come with a used container and no canopies. I know some listings my include this info and vary from Ad to Ad but is there any kind of standardization when parting out pieces of a rig?