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  1. I just popped in to Mile-Hi today for 3 jumps whilst travelling through Denver. Warmly welcomed with a quick gear check, brief and a reasonably sized waiver (!). Friendly bunch of jumpers with a strong wingsuit group (big BASE community). Jumped on a hop'n'pop load and was pleased to see everyone doing a pin check in the plane. I was also stopped later in the day when I went to manifest for a wingsuit jump and they have a great system of helmet stickers to make sure that an instructor has checked someone out before they jump camera/wingsuit. Something we could do with more of I think - and it's not red tape it's focussed on making sure that you have the skills to do the jump safely. One of the best safety culture I have seen in the US DZs I have visited. Huge landing area but you need to be careful - it's at 5,000 feet and the landings are FAST. A few practice flares on your first jump there a good idea. They have a twin otter and (up to) 2 Super King Airs. The tandems tend to be on the King Air which gives nice separation between fun jumpers and tandems. Particularly good for the wingsuit groups. About 40 minutes from Denver airport - but a bit out of town. Jump tickets are around $25 but package deals available. Definitely recommended.