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  1. Kelly,
    I jump the Velocity because of many things,
    -design/planform shape
    -R&D that none rival
    -construction methods that all hope to emulate
    -performance envelope that begs to be mastered
    -security in the fact that it is the best all around x-braced canopy flown by discriminating canopy pilots with thousands of jumps and years of experience
    -diving capabilities
    -lift capabilities and shut down ability
    -carving ( close to ground ) stability
    -opening characteristics ( soft and on heading just about 90% of the time, the other 10% is usually from packing and or pilot exaggerations of deployment handling )
    -customer service if anything is needed regarding the canopy
    -faith in a company that has been, and always be at the forefront of all of the above within this industry
    -the only thing that can hold back this canopy is the pilot who is under it
    these are all of my reasons to jump one and to own one, why shouldn't you buy another fx? That is a question for yourself to answer after you have compiled your research and jumped one as a demo. Check it out and see for yourself, pay close attention to your own experience and be open to always learning more about this part of our sport, once you think you have something mastered this is the point you stop learning and progressing. Enjoy.

  2. Below you will find info taken directally from Olav's web site, it explains why the TM was applied for, I only do this to make sure everyone out there has all the proper information on a particular subject before making assumptions and then passing on unfounded statements. The TM is used to distinguish the difference between his own training program and is never used to try to gain any monatary value from other persons conected to or engaging in freeflying. A word is a word, however this word means so much personally to someone that they went through this process to aid in showing his connection to it and to furthering our micro sport in general. Sure does make great conversation though, everyone likes to talk about it, and having all the info is good when doing this. I will always stand up for friends and things I believe in by trying to show just the facts, and this often leads me to being a bit long winded, on that note c-ya
    the bellow text is taken from
    The Freefly™ sets the quality standard for human flight instruction and education.
    Freefly™ is not just a word with a trademark, it was used 14 years ago for the first time by Olav Zipser. He imagined and discovered new ways of human flight performance and decided to called it ‘Freefly’. For Olav Zipser, this word involves a structured human flight program FFP, which encompasses safety, human flight performance test and a worldwide licensing system, as well as a commitment to the continued progress and development of human flight.
    The ‘Freefly™’ program provides trained instructors who educate ‘Freefly’ students on how to achieve their first human flight performance test, the Atmosphere Dolphin "A" License. If students are taught under this structure this will help to ensure the safety of human flight performance. While at the same time allowing us to establish other statistics about our sport.
    Olav Zipser appeals to you to use this word only with the respect and integrity associated with it. The trademark is used to support the structured freefly program FFP that has been developed over the preceding 14yrs. Olav Zipsers’ name and his life’s work are directly linked to ‘Freefly™’.
    We hope that you can understand the necessity of putting the trademark on the word ‘Freefly™’ and the genuine request for it to be used in a respectful manner.

  3. Answers.
    1.You can fly any position in the Tunnel provided that you gain the proper experience to do so, ie proper training. And always remember there's someone who can do it, so you can too.
    2.They will crank up the speed but this is only as much as they will do for a heavy RW flier, the speed, dependant on air temperature and such varies greatlly, faster in the winter than in the summer. You learn to fly in slow air flow, sub 140mph
    3.They will let you practice headup, backflying and mabye transitions if the previous positions are good and your not already bouncing yourself off the wall, however headdown is a different story you will have to be with one of their coaches or go through an outside school,
    hope this helps,

  4. Here is a quick bit of a recent article in the mags,
    Anything you can do in the air you can do in the Tunnel.
    "Thompson says, “The tunnel quickens the learning curve. As opposed to training in the sky, you can literally fly forever”. This makes the wind tunnel a vital aspect to freefly training. In addition to the Freefly Training Centers instructors and team members bringing up groups to the tunnel, world champions Mike Swanson and Rook Nelson have been training compulsory freeflying moves there as well. Their focus is to put into practice moves such as: rock the cradle, sixty-nine, eagles, jokers and carving, in close proximity. They also have participated with Starck and Hughes doing impressive 4 way head down, 5 way sit fly and hybrid maneuvers, one of the most exciting being a simulated ‘Indy’, where 2 people stand on the ground and one flyer figure eights around them on their head. In addition to ALL of this, they have completed all of the maneuvers for the USPA 3-D award in the tunnel, as well as achieving the award in the sky.
    The SkyVenture Wind Tunnel will be celebrating it’s fourth anniversary this coming July. " article by Erin Golden
    The most efficient thing for you would be to do one hour of coaching and combine it with in air coaching to gain the most from the training. An earlier comment said in air instruction is sketchy, bull, both training methods work as good as you can demonstrate and your instructor can teach. Contact me for more freefly tunnel info, I've been quite a bit, 6-7 hours. Check out the pix I attached, there fresh.

  5. Idea number one.....
    Get off your butt and onto your feet, butt flying AKA is freek flying left over from the 80's, head up flying is better known as feet flying because that's where you have to have your balance and power to defelect the relative wind with your legs symetrically, as with your torso and arms. The balance is in the middle of the feet directally underneath your knees, any more or any less (forward,backward,side to side) and you have presentated the shins or calves to the relative wind and deflected, it unsymetrically, good posture with the torso is super important, deflecting air by leaning forward or backward, or side to side is also deflecting unsymetrically the relative wind and thus causing a turn. Examine each and every apendage and your torso, are you displacing the relative wind symetrically? If not this is the cause of your turn or spining. Reevaluate your response to the spinning as well, most people during landing with a right hand drift reach down with their right hand to stop this, adding to the problem, rather than a small compensation in the proper direction (left) to maintain a level of symetery. Video assist will help you determine what is the issue (proffesional coaching), however only choose someone who can do this in a safe manner while giving you a quality video and debrief. Hope this helps
    Have fun and fly lots

  6. A test is a test, and it's just that, try to do manuvers with an object for the first time and gague yourself against it, and most importantally learn from the experience. Learn to fly, not to control your falling, there is a difference. As per the money issue, everyone has a job, a passion that they will follow through with so that every day they get to experience and further themselves in a particular field, some persons have chosen freefly instruction, and this as any proffesion has a monotary value for teaching and testing others. As per personal gradification and achievement I think it is great that people can achieve this test in a safe setting and feel good about doing it and not having the license, it's about doing it. However I do not feel that a person that flies with the ball in an uncontrolled atmosphere and practices the test numerous times then passes on their 10th try is anywhere near passing the standards set forth by the orginal idea and skills set behind the test itself. Again a test is a test, do 400 jumps and do the test and see how you fare. Don't do 385 jumps and 15 jumps with the ball and then do the test, this takes away from the orginal idea and concept of the "test" in the first place.
    These are just my thoughts from experience and I value anyone elses thoughts on this subject.
    Just to clarify for everyone I am a First School of Modern Skyflying instructor who does this daily, thanks for listening, if you want to comment personally contact [email protected]
    Dave Brown
    The Freefly Training Center
    The First School of Modern Skyflying

  7. I agree with all the replies somewhat however, trust your flying and focus on just that, a suit isn't that big a part of the deal, you can fly anything. Focus on your legs and never let your knees come above your hips, have fun and fly.

  8. A couple things will help this situation,
    1.good posture, form, basically proper presentation to the relative wind from only the necessary portions of the body AKA wings.
    2.a tight jumpsuit, body size plus 1/2 to 1 inch
    jumpsuits can help but proper form far out weighs what can be accomplished by changing suits alone.
    And coaching from an experienced coach can't hurt, but it can speed up the learning curve,

  9. Ya that's me, I was just curious what the people on this forum think is efficient training for newer jumpers, trying to better understand the community and to see what was a general thought of everyone was, see ya in the air again hopefully, summerfest will be sweet yet again this year,

  10. I am looking to get a general consenes of what is the best and most efficient way to learn to freefly from everyone who checks this posting,thanks for your time in advance,