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  1. http://web.canon.jp/Imaging/eos20d/eos20d_firmware-e.html
  2. I have to agree, very nice peace of work ! I am a mac freak too and have a question: In the us skydive world is it still most common to work with pc ? Again nice done with your mac.
  3. Thaks for all the reply so far. I agree goin for the orig. Canon lens in the rather cheap segment but they dont have any fisheye, I only found Sigma. Is anybody using fisheye or like the Diamond 0.3 for video ? Any other experience or tips for lens setups ?
  4. I am looking for 3 lenses for the 10D to use in the air and on the ground, also indoor. Any have any experience with Sigma fisheye ? And any Canon 24 or 25 fixed ? And Canon 75-300 ? Yes the price is a theme so it most be cheap lenses in the range $ 200 - 400 each.
  5. I have been trying to konvert Hi8 - mini dv, but all the time the file goes to the memory stick on my Pc 101. Sorry I lost the manual, so is there a pref. on the Pc I missed ?
  6. The PC serie is going OUT and the new serie is now called TRV....that is what I am trying to explain (with a teaspoon) but i EU they will be released in a few month (look at the link in norwegian) http://www.akam.no/videokamera/2003/sony_dcr_12_19_22_33.html You will probaly find a sony link in the usa - but her is the pic/spec. of the cameras. And as I statet I am not into Sony, I do Canon. What I mean by brain ?...well you talk loud...and seams to know erverything. I just asked if anybody had jumped the new PC serie which now have changed name to TRV. Sorry for my bad english, it is probaly MY brain
  7. TRV`s for beginners ?....... Well, as I am trying to tell you : "pro guys" (do they have brain? ) Sony has changed the entire line.... So ALL sony`s are for beginners then ? Sorry for the posting just thought that it was of interest since 90% use sony, like the pc serie...
  8. That was not the question... First of all they are not yet in the store here. And I am into Canon. But thanx for your reply.
  9. I am not sure if they are in sale yet but have anybody seen/flied the new Sony video serie DCR-TRV 33..540gr 1mp still ++ or the TRV 80 suposed to be the first 2 mp !! still. Her in eu it looks like TRV 12-19-22-33 is taking over from pc 1-9.
  10. And why ?.....it is free and easy..Just Plug & Play
  11. Canon MV3imc.......sidemount with lens protection on a bonehead.....
  12. Pic. 2 - I can take more in different angels, if you dont understand the "system" ( it is very simple )....
  13. Ok, I try once more a little reduced. If it does not work, I mail it to you, so you can try...