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  1. Quote Hi nice kitty I'm new to jumping too, AFF level 6, the arch is the key to skydiving, and being relaxed, I failed level 4 twice because I was rigid and I was spinning both times, so I spent some time in a wind tunnel to get the feel of the air flow, it worked a treat, next time up I was turning and stopping at will. I was getting pissed at failing a level till someone said 'Hey, you jumped out of a plane today and had fun, what more do you want?' She was right. And Hey skydiving is hard work, take your time, stop worrying about it, and just have fun, and imagine the pain in my back after a skydive, I am 52!
  2. I died once, and they jump started my heart, why are you so interested in that stuff? Let me know, I will answer all questions