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  1. I introduced myself last October and received many helpful tips from many people here when I was struggling on my AFF.....Well I finally Passed my check jump and now officially feel like a Skydiver. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! A long journey but finally got it done. And welcome all of you other new addicts who I saw here. Hope to read your posts and hear about your experiences! Blue Skies!
  2. Awesome Beauty all around this area and the people here are so great! Got my license here and would recommend to anyone looking to give it a try!
  3. nicekitty

    Skydive Hawaii

    Tom my TI and Danny my photographer were awesome. Great jump and great organization. Nicely laid out, fun things to buy and can't beat the location.
  4. Hey there - Love the username. I started my AFF after about 4 Tandems and am also growing impatient with the weather as I am in Scranton PA. Started my training in October and should have started in July maybe. The cold is stalling the training process but still did a few jumps in the cold. Keep us posted with your traing. Dee
  5. Thanks for the feedback Tim. Glad to see i"m not he only one who got pissed and frustrated. I have to remember to have fun. How Are your jumps now/ How many are you up to?
  6. Wow- congrats on completing your AFF. That is awesome. Your advice to arch with the hips is good. I think I am arching with my back so that helps. No wind tunnel near by but I think with all the practice in my livingroom, visualizing and videos I will keep in mind to relax, have fun and always deploy that chute!
  7. AWWW that sounds so sweet. I wonder if I can get my cats to copy me. No cute 2 year-old here. Thanks for your feedback here. I appreciate it.
  8. Wow- I love reding this back and forth in the forum. I missed a lot in the last couple of days. I love the feedback and plan on going to both Dropzones!! You're all awesome with replying to us newbies and encouraging us. Thanks a bunch. _ Diane
  9. Oh Please. It takes more than that to get my panties in a twist, I took what you said as a great opportunity to come up there and meet some MORE great skydivers. Thanks for the directions too! what a bonus
  10. Thanks. Its good to know where I am learning is being stuck up for and appreciate your feedback. I think I can think of many excuses as to why I am not Diving perfectly but the best excuse my instructor told me was "You are not a bird, It takes time to fly" Just got to remember to deploy that chute on time!!! Diane
  11. I've been on the website many times and seems like a ROCKIN DZ. Can't wait to jump there. This winter already is making the jumps challenging. I am a bit of a sissy (though a sissy that jumps out of planes)