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  1. townsrd


    I've owned 3 Javelins a j-4 and 2 TJN's The tjn are 98's and put about 1800 jumps on javelins. One TJN I've put 1200 or so jumps on. And it is holding up well. Never had to replace anything but closing loops. Never broken a stifner and riser covers still stay closed.( Comment to follow). The articulated harness is very comfortable and moves well. I have 4 reserve deployments out of my TJN, Pilot chute lanches Xtremely well. As a rigger I find this to be one of the easyiest to pack. Note: you must not put too much bulk into the top of the molar bag or you will ruin the riser cover tabs (seen this happen way too often). I also see Javelins with the reserve closing loop way too long. If you can get your fingers under the pilot chute - It's too long. There are other great contrainer systems but I'm sold on this one.
  2. townsrd


    Have several hundred jumps on my Xaoz21 loaded at 2.3 or so. Openings are consistent and very easy to hold near on heading. It does open different, progressing from the outside to the center in a see-saw manner. I've jumped Triatholons, Stiletto's, Vipers, Alpha's and a few others in the last 2000 jumps and I like the opening on the Xaos the best. Only had 1 malfunction due to the HMA line grabbing the BIG tab on the slider's kill line, Other than that just sweet.(straight pro pack, roll outside 3 in 1 full turn, nose open and even with outer rolled noses, and quarter the slider, pull nose of slider out 2" and cacoon it. I use super bands - no problem. Flys very fast and desends very quick. You need to have it together or you are out of time. For ref., if we all open at 2500 I'm on the groound and picking the canopy up and the rest of the guys are still at 1200+. NO SHIT! The front riser pressure is reasonable and you can add more most of the way thru 270s and 360's. Done be supprise to hear your Pro-ditter going off as you are turning the corner to land!! Rear risers are very light and you need to use caution. I've heard PD claim their prototypes on HMA lines need relining in 100 to 200 jumps. My line show little wear more than 250 jumps. Packs easily into my TJN could easily go into a smaller container but my Dash M-Z's 135 reserves are about as small as I want to fly. IF - you have the skills, this is a sweet canopy.
  3. The deployment of a parachute has two forces. Snatch force and opening shock. Snatch force can be the higher of the two and that can be controled with pilot chute size. (ie a larger pilot chute slows down the mass of the canopy to a slower speed, then when the lines are unstowed you must re-acelerate the mass. Using a smaller pilot chute does not slow the mass as much thus lower snatch force, and maybe, higher opening foce. Again canopy design.)
  4. I've jumped a Xaos 21 (93) for the last year with about 250 jumps on it. It the best opening canopy I've owned. More on heading than my Viper120, or Vengenances120"s (2). Only couple of firm openings, no slammers. Easy to fly on heading during the snivel using the rear risers.Straight pro pack it, roll the nose each side in 1 turn, center cell open, quarter the slider pulled out 2" in front of center cell. I use superbands on sides of bag & 3 locking stows, tough to put on but OK. Only cutaway was due to HMA line grabing tabbed slider kill line and hanging it up. Packing method seams to have little effect on openings. Coould just be an odd canopy. I've had 2 Vengenances. One never opened worth a shit (sniveled nice then turned like a bitch. The other nice as can be. Talk tp Precision.Quote