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  1. I think we need a hydrologist. A certified hydrologist.
  2. My mistake, that is scuba divers you can't trust, especially if you are on a honeymoon with one. Protect your air hose at all times.
  3. Don't trust me???? I'm not a skydiver so you can trust me!!!!! I did find Scotton corner though. According to mapquest it is in the area of NE 199th St., just east of highway 503 on the southern edge of Battle Ground. That railroad track does goe northeast from Brush Prairie but then it turns and goes north/northwest through Battle Ground. I don't live in the area so I can't look around.
  4. Jo, Which way is Scotton corner from Brush Prairie? I have found Brush Prairie but I can't find Scotton corner. Is that a railroad track that runs southwest to northeast through Brush Prairie?
  5. But where do pilots learn a speech pattern that is lifeless, overly truncated, a bit slurred, and void of any enunciation?
  6. I wonder if load masters were given jump training so they knew what to do if they did fall out of the airplane. If I know the military they just said, "Here, wear this." "But what do I do if I actually have to use it." "Don't worry about it."
  7. It does seem to make the most sense that Cooper wanted to jump right after the plane was airborne in Seattle. Therefore he didn't care about the planes route. However that theory poses some questions. First, things don't go right so he can't jump right away. When ready, why didn't he tell them he had changed his mind and he wanted to go back to Seattle. When the plane goes back to Seattle he jumps. Second, why didn't he jump as soon as he was ready. It appears he could have bailed in the area where the placard was found or earlier. Third, if he doesn't know what V-23 is, if he doesn't really know where the plane is headed, if he doesn't really know where he is, why does he wait and jump where he did. For the money to get to where it was found by natural means, he almost had to jump when the plane was making the right turn as it passed Battle Ground.
  8. One of the things that has always bothered me in this case is how Cooper was planning to get the money to the ground. Seems like a major step in the hijacking to me. Instead of the little paper bag he could have brought along his own carrying case for the money. No need to improvise.
  9. Well, right now snowmman is reading to us from a 1968 Parade magazine that was used as packing material.
  10. I believe an expression that could be used for Snowmman today would be, "he was wound like an eight day clock."
  11. Was the instruction sheet for the chutes found on the plane or did it disappear?
  12. I don't know the exact boundaries of the searched area but this new suspected jump area isn't even close to where they were looking in the 70's. Ckret, do the files show Himmelsbach's exact comment when he was told part of the money was found that far south? I hope he was sitting down. It seems to me in this new jump site if he landed on land he almost certainly lived unless someone has been mowing around his body for over 30 years. So he either walked out without the money or he landed in water or a swampy area. With this guy Cook suspects, I don't see how you lose part of the money. Seems to be an all or none situation. If I remember right, Cook is keeping that info for the book.
  13. "Now that you guy have heard most of the story - do you not see why I get upset?" Yes Jo, I understand why you get upset. It tells me Duane Weber being Cooper is just a story. You are trying to defend and protect the story. If you knew for a fact Duane was Cooper then Cook or anybody else couldn't be a threat to you. The fact they are tells me a lot.
  14. I agree n467us, I can see the Cooper sketch being made from this guy. We shall see.
  15. Are the tadpoles the feathers?
  16. Sorry, I have already sent those maps to Drudge.
  17. Doesn't this mean we can put Cooper in the area southeast of Battle Ground? At that time the flight path must have been in the vicinity of highway 503.
  18. Hey Ckret, the guy you are looking for is a double amputee.
  19. If a player picks up the proper item, those following the DB Cooper thread are released from DB purgatory and allowed to go on with their lives. If a players picks up the wrong item they are condemned to bicker about exit points, float time and how many times DB picked his nose while in the bathroom. You crime whuffo's just don't get it do you.
  20. So, the original sketch may have been off, the estimated time of the jump may have been significantly off, and what we know about the money may not be right. Well this is all good news because the info we were working with before didn't add up. What I like about the later sketch (1988?) is I can see someone who looks like that having olive or darker colored skin. How could there be such a difference in the hair though?
  21. Drainage basin: A drainage basin is an extent of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a body of water, such as a river, lake, reservoir, estuary, wetland, sea or ocean. The drainage basin includes both the streams and rivers that convey the water as well as the land surfaces from which water drains into those channels, separated from adjacent basins by a drainage divide. The drainage basin acts like a funnel - collecting all the water within the area covered by the basin and channeling it into a waterway. Each drainage basin is separated topographically from adjacent basins by a ridge, hill or mountain, which is known as a water divide. The original flight path /exit point and the money location are not in the same drainage basin.
  22. So do you believe Steve Fosset is still alive too? Steve Fosset is not a wanted man. The real Cooper, if alive, would still be in hiding. You're being disingenuous. You said you don't believe he died till someone can show you a body. Nothing to do with hiding. Everything to do with an example of how you can have an intensive search for someone and still not find them. Huh? Steve Fosset would be like Amelia Earhart. Neither one of them were trying to disappear so the fact they did means they probably died. Cooper is completely different. Cooper's goal upon landing was to diappear into thin air. He did, doesn't mean he died.
  23. So do you believe Steve Fosset is still alive too? Steve Fosset is not a wanted man. The real Cooper, if alive, would still be in hiding.
  24. But every Tom, Dick, and Harry could go to the FBI with this story. Seriously. How hard is it to confess to a crime? Why wouldn't he confess to the crime instead of confessing to being Dan Cooper? Wouldn't he see himself as the guy who hijacked a 727 and got away with it?
  25. You have to use reason in looking at a case. Cooper wasn't on the airplane when it landed but no one saw him jump and there isn't a video of him jumping but I think it is reasonable to assume he jumped. The communication log shows the aircrew telling ops that Cooper was in the lav and would be there a while. How would they know he would be there a while? I think you have two choices, Cooper must have given someone that info or the aircrew locked him in the lav and were joking about it.