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  1. Anyone use the HV10 with a blackbox? I cant find the right box for my camera. I also cant seem to get a response from cookie composites.
  2. I had the same response from her about a rig that I was selling. Hi Peter Anderson, On 18-Nov-2008 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Dropzone.com Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => annamaria URL => http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=70128&d=1 Name => annamaria FromEmail => [email protected] City => cadiz Country => spain Comments => Hello, I am interested in immediate purchase of your item.After several consideration over the advert placed on the website,am really shown interest in it and would l really want to issue the payment in form of Cheque and how much is the final price.Will you be accepting a Cheque? The check that will be drawn by me would inlclude the cost for shipping this item to my location on the same Cheque.l shall solely be responsible for the shipments of the item. Please contact me asap for futher questionings as regards to this transaction if you really show willingness in selling this item asap.Thank You and I am expecting your response asap Regards, Annamaria Fernandez
  3. I started jumping a Stiletto 135 at 40 jumps loaded at 1.3:1. Soft openings and really quick turns were my favorite atributes about the canopy. It also had good shut-down power at the end of the flare. 9 times out of 10, I didn't have to take a step when I touched down after a little turf surfin'. At 160 jumps I snagged a Stiletto 107. With a wing loading around 1.8:1, I started having a little more fun. Harness turns are really responsive, toggle turns are smokin' fast, and the front riser pressure is low. This canopy also has a quick dynamic stall, so don't hang on to the rears for too long on your swoops. (My ass is still sore... haha) In conclusion, this is a sweet canopy, and the "spinetto" callsign isn't true.
  4. My first canopy was a new Fusion 170 loaded at about 1:1. It has a very short recovery arc, and glided well from those bad spots. I had long snivels with soft openings, but I found myself constantly on the rears trying to keep it from turning during the snivel. Could have been body position or pack job. Overall I think it is a great canopy for beginners who don't mind steering sniveling canopies.