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  1. GliderSports caters to the fun jumpers! 10 H&P from 4.5 and 20 for all the way up at least 14,500 When fun jumpers are ready the plane goes. Open 7 days a week, call us and bring 4 jumpers and we fly the 182, 7 to fly the supervan 900!
  2. For some of the facts. I know Matt, the gear and the price! This guy is a new jumper that bought used gear wanting custom fitting new gear. I have jumped this rig, it is in great shape for a hell of a price. I would have bought it my self for a back up rig if I was not jumping a much smaller canopy. For what he got with the rig for the price he should not even be bringing this on to He even wanted Matt to pay for shorting the main lift web. Here is a break down. 1300 price for container, mirage with tye die everything. Some thing like 4 year old G4.1 2nd brand new set of risers with custom white toggles that cost 165 New pilot chute for 145 with FF handle Cleaning and inspecting done by a master rigger Free mirage gear bag 35 He got all that for 1,300 I have bought and sold quite a bit of gear with Matt. He has also been my examiner on many of my ratings. This is a guy who will shoot you strait at a price that normally cant be beat. If he got the and did not like the deal he should have sent it back which Matt offered many times. This guy should get off his soap box and stop winning. If I was selling this rig to you I would charge you more just for dealing with you.