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  1. They fly about same.....but Vk has much more energy..!! That means it surfs much better.Also you will not win with VC but with Vk ...the Vk can handle higher WL and that might give you more go if you load it...
  2. My background is Vk-90 at 2.6. Now with hybrid-84 at 2.8. They pack like same size and I feel much happier piloting the 84 all day long...much more stable...longer surfs...slower runspeed at end of the flare...so much power everywhere and the list goes on and on...
  3. jan-huje

    Skydive Miami

    I have been jumping since the 80`s. This place is magic..... You have even women Sky-Gods..... Do I need to say more...... Check it out please! Greetings from Norway. Jan-Hugo
  4. jan-huje


    I have been an open helmet jumper ever since I startet jumping in-86. But after getting tired of rigging goggles and strapping on helmet , I decided just to try a full-face helmet. And this baby does not take long to fit on....It is so easy... The view is excellent and the fog issues are none... In my opinion this helmet has to be number ONE.
  5. The best " ultra performance " canopy by PD for sure... Nothing comes close in my opinion. With this " racer " you have great fun to pilot the energy within.....( if you are familiar with speed-rides...) My 90 is loaded 2.4 and is fun to fly and openings/packing is a dream ! On my 90 I have standard velo-slider and 500 HMA lines for " regular " use. Even from first jump I felt right at " home ". BUT, all of the above is only in my opinion..... Blue Ones.... J-H.