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  1. I'm flying into Des Moines International on Tuesday, 9/1 at 5pm. Can anyone in the area offer me a ride to the boogie? I'll be packing sport rigs and tandems at the boogie this year...pick me up and I'll pack for you all week! Ahhh, its great to be young and insane!
  2. Is there a way to remove a camera box from a Rawa helmet? It looks like it may be riveted in. I am upgrading from my PC1000 to a CX100 and obviously need a new box but would rather not buy a new helmet. Any tips? Is it worth it or should I sell the helmet and buy something compatible? Ahhh, its great to be young and insane!
  3. Anyone from SLC/anywhere in Utah going to the boogie? Looking to hitch a ride and be there for the first load (I'm packerbitch and need to be there from first load til last). Don't necessarily need a ride home, so leave when you'd like. I'm planning on hitching a ride back with the otter. Hopefully someone is going or can point in the direction of someone who is going. Flying there is too expensive and they don't do one way rentals. I'd rather not drive my gas guzzling van if i dont have to. Ahhh, its great to be young and insane!
  4. Gonna be heading to Lost Prairie for the boogie. I'll be there packing during the entire event. I was looking to carpool with some folks from the area/at a mid point between the two. I was going to rent a car, perhaps a one-way and hitch a ride back to Ogden on Eloy's Otter. No car-rental companies will do a one-way so I may be taking the ol' van. Would prefer to split gas money a few ways or, better yet, hop in a car with those already heading up. Even if you aren't planning to stay for the entire event, that is fine by me. As said, I was going to hitch a flight back and was simply looking for a one-way. However, if you are going to be there from 8/25-9/3, we can all just round trip it. I am currently trying to get off from work on Friday the 24th. In the case that I cannot, I'll be leaving SLC late friday night and marathon driving to Kalispell. email me: [email protected] if you are interested in making the trip. Kev Ahhh, its great to be young and insane!