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  1. I´d rather have the student wear a helmet and wear a full face myself than risking all the legal issues in case anything happens. I read this a few years ago and I think it makes a good point Preventing Tandem Fatalities
  2. Thanks guys. The square fold seemed a bit odd but I rather get a second opinion in case there was some benefit I could not see. Specially since the rest of the pack job was great. I liked the "Handsome Dave DeWolf" way of folding it. I'll give it a try next time.
  3. Hi Rob, I am uploading a couple more pictures that I hope might make it easier to understand, but my skill with the camera is almost null. Again I would like to say the differences between one or the other should be negligible when it comes to the canopy opening, but this is what I can think of: - The triangular fold helps the slider face the wind right away while with the square fold the canopy will get some air before the slider is fully extended. - The square fold helps distribute the material to the sides making the pack job a bit more even. - When trying it, the square fold seemed to make it a bit harder to spread the grommets to even the bulk. Like it wants to stay stacked.
  4. Hi all, A few days back I was given a rig to do a reserve repack and while doing the usual reverse engineering I noticed the previous rigger folded the slider (very neatly) differently than what I do. He folded it into a square shape that sits on top of the lines while I use a triangular shape wedged in between the lines. I don`t think there will be a significant impact in the opening of the reserve with one or the other, but would like to get your opinion.
  5. davidclark

    Start Skydiving

    I'm impressed on how such a young DZ has bread a team that works so well. Up jumpers and staff were always trying their best to help, teach and make my stay as enjoyable as possible. They began operations just a few months ago, but they have managed to get a healthy group of regulars. If for some reason you find yourself going for a solo jump, think again, as soon as your name is on the manifest you are sure to have someone to jump with. If you are there, you are part of the family. I went there to get my coach rating. I expected to go through the IRM and do my evaluations and stop at that. When the course was over, I had been taught much more than just the necessary and felt absolutely confident I had all the skills and knowledge required. Their goal is to make you the best and not just getting certified. My only CON is the lack of a place to get food right there, but Lebanon is just a short drive away. This “small” DZ is rapidly becoming “the” place.