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  1. Wow this place has it all, great airlift (twin otter), large landing area, friendly knowledgable staff. I can't say enough about the state of the art facility they just built, the nicest I've ever seen. The people are very friendly and you would be hard pressed to find more experienced instructors. I buy all my gear from there as well. I just wish they were closer to my house, I'd make it my home DZ for sure.
  2. Excellent camera helmet! Very comfortable, light, and you can easily mount stills and video together on top. The helmet cutaway is the only weak point. It would be very hard to grab in an emergency, but other than that a terrific camera helmet.
  3. I was alway told to use a light mineral oil on a rag and tightly squeeze the rag around the cable as you pull it through. Applying only a very thin layer. Personally I say get rid of the three rings in favour of explosive bolts :)
  4. Thanks for posting this PD article it really helped!!
  5. I tried all the suggestion you guys made and found some interesting results. I noticed a post from PD that one of you guys put up that said the bites on the stows should be 2 1/2 inches long. That's a lot more than I normally do myself. When I first got the canopy I didn't want to pack the slippery zero P so I paid our packer to do it. He uses 2 1/2" bites. So that would seem to solve the problem. The article said that tube stows need larger bites because there is less friction than elastics, makes sense I guess. One other interesting point is that my pilot chute is a 30" zero P kill line. According to PD, canopies smaller then 150 square feet should use a 25" zero P pilot chute. So I ordered one (should get it this week). Hey guys thanks you all very much for your help. Between pushing in the nose and the bites on the lines it really helped fix my hard openings. Thanks very much again!
  6. I have about 25 jumps on the canopy total, and I've had 4 really hard (harder then any Sabre 1 openings) openings. The first 10 or so were smooth as silk.
  7. Guys I love the canopy so I'm willing to try anything. I will push in the nose and roll the tail more during packing, and try rubber bands. I just don't understand why it opened so nice for the first 10-15 jumps. Not one was a bad opening, not even close.
  8. I got a used bonehead for my wife. It came with a Cam Eye pro for a PC330 camcorder installed already. She just bought a CX-100 and I'm wondering if I can just cut off the old plug (1/8") and change to the CX-100 "D" style. It would save me from having to buy a Hyp Eye Pro. Anyone have any experience with this?
  9. This sounds like a good plan. I'm going to try it this weekend! Thanks for the advice!
  10. The are Vectran lines and I use mini tube stows. I normally take big bites as well (1 1/2").
  11. Yup I got the canopy new 2 weeks ago and put about 25 jumps on it.
  12. I'm using a zero P 27" pilot chute, the same one I was using with my Katana. The d bag question is a good one that I didn't think of. My d-bag is for a 170 canopy and my Crossfire 2 is a 139. It does fit snugly into the bad though. I think the pack volume isn't that different. Like I said before it's not a hard opening on every jump. In fact the first 10 were excellent. It just seems to be getting more frequent snappy openings. One made my spine tingle.
  13. Hey guys any advice on how to make my new Crossfire 2 - 139 open better? It seems to be hit and miss on the openings. I'm pro packing it the same way I did my Katana. I do nothing to the nose but I wrap the tail 2-3 times, as well as plus the slider. Any suggestions? I bought this thing to do camera but it really wacked me a few times.
  14. Before Psycho pack there was the cigarette pack. You started with a flat pack but rolled the nose to the center and then the tail to the center. No d-bag btw, the lines were coiled into the container tray and stowed with one elastic. The canopy was S curved on top of the lines, then the container closed normally. I never used this method myself, but a guy years ago used to pack his Sabre 190 that way and it always opened for him. I'll stick with pro packing...