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  1. Below is a link to an instructional video demonstrating the proper packing procedure for the Precision Aerodynamics TR ( ) Tandem Reserve into the Sigma Tandem container, by Master Parachute Rigger Louie Palomares at the Relative Workshop in Deland Florida.
  2. Call me old fashioned, but I want to speak to ANY customer who has ANY problem with ANY canopy made by Precision Aerodynamics. As a responsible business owner, there is nothing "wrong" or "needs fixing" about that.
  3. I have personally spoken with Pyranha about his canopy, and we at Precision Aerodynamics are taking appropriate steps to make him happy.
  4. It has been 7 long years ago that the world lost the spirit of my dearest childhood friend, college roommate, fraternity brother, first jump buddy, 10 way speed star member, fellow pilot, test jumper, and only son of my godfather. Beezy never met a stranger, and the world is a more challenging place without his fun-loving and adventurous presence. R.I.P. my friend
  5. Remembering our leader, friend, confidant, and business visionary, who made this world a better place before he left us on this day, one year ago. Blue Skies, Cliff.
  6. I would love to take a look at whatever pictures you have. Email them directly to me here and I will contact you promptly regarding what I see. Thanks for your heads-up. George Galloway Precision Aerodynamics
  7. The pack volume for an r-Max 118 is Usually in stock ready to go.
  8. I guess you could argue the theory, but in my experience it hasn't been the case.
  9. Most jumpers who have been around awhile have seen or experienced cascaded canopies having: 1) Slider hang-ups 2) broken line at the cascades 3) lost 2 line attachment points when you eventually DO break a line 4) slider stops hanging in cascades 5) brake release on deployment and toggle hanging up in cascades. I'm sure there are others, but that's what first comes to mind at 2:00am on Christmas morning.
  10. Sorry I was speaking in terms of spanwise, not chordwise. You are correct that the Xaos-21 crossbraces do not go to the tail in the center cells, and here is the reason: there is very little advantage of "crossbracing" in a section of the canopy which has the thinnest airfoil element. Remember, at the peak camber of the wing, the crossbracing is at an angle with respect to the loadbearing ribs, but as you get closer to the trailing edge, the crossbracing becomes almost horizontal or parallel with the lower surface, just adding bulk without any vertical support component. George Galloway Precision Aerodynamics
  11. The canopy you have is not a Xaos-21, but it might be a Neos, which is only partially cross braced. All Xaos canopies (both -21 and -27) are true cross braced canopies. George Galloway Precision Aerodynamics
  12. Precision "Wrap-It" Links have been around for quite a few years. They do indeed wrap three turns instead of 2 turns like the Slinks. The Precision "Wrap-It" Links can be identified by the blue striker in the Spectra braid. The Precision "Wrap-It" Links are much stronger than PD Slinks (see attached graph). The data supporting the graph is: Breaking Strength Lbs Precision PD Wrap It Links Slinks Test 1 3810 3750 Test 2 4530 3630 Test 3 3880 3190 Test 4 3890 3830 Average 4028 3600 Difference 428
  13. When Precision sent the r-Max 128 to be measured for the Parachute Industry Association's standard pack volume study, we were pleased at the report we got back which read in part: "The r-Max 128 packed amazingly small for that class of canopy. I measured 296 cu in. We packed it into the same reserve bag we’ve been packing a PD-106R. They packed almost identical."