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  1. Hi all, I'm a new jumper (13 jumps so far) and I'm pretty heavy, 213lbs I'm currently jumping a 280 and while standing up landings I'm not looking to downsize yet. I've been thinking about when to buy gear and looking at a lot of used gear. Nearly everything seems to be smaller than 200. Are bigger canopies more docile than smaller ones at the same wing loading? Should I just buy new gear? If I rented gear for 200 jumps, I'd spend the same as a new rig.
  2. I'm currently doing my AFF at perris and having a whale of a time
  3. It has been amazing weather, but I've been really busy with work and I won't be in a position to take an AFF until December time. I have always wanted to see america, there is a list of foods to try as long as my arm. And I'm a climber so I will be taking some time to see yosemite, I'm aware I will need a break from skydiving in order to properly process I've learned and not get burnt out. Based on how much I enjoyed the tandem many years ago I won't want to quit after AFF, but if I do I can think of plenty of things to do around san fran. I've booked flights to L.A and a car for 9th December until the 23rd. If I really love it, I can head to the algarve for two weeks just after Christmas.
  4. No real rush, December is a while away. The weather is pretty crap here and I'd like to learn all in one go. California over Algarve was partly due to language and partly due to wanting to see america.
  5. Hi All, I did a tandem skydive about 10 years ago and I'm finally in a situation to take up skydiving. I'd like to fly to California in December to take an AFF course and then spend 8-10 days doing 5 jumps a day. I've been looking at perris and elsnore is there anywhere else I should consider? Once I'm back in the UK i'll be buying gear so I will need to hire gear for those first 40 jumps or so. Or.. am I being too ambitious?
  6. Hey all, I think I might be about to come into some money, where is they best place to do AFF in the winter months? I'm in the uk so I've looked at heading over to seville, but I'm wondering if it might not be too cold at between 10-15C in the daytime. Any tips? (yes I tried using the search : )
  7. "the only reason sex is more popular is because it cheaper" I think I made that one up after my first tandem
  8. I'm looking to do my AFF course in south america as I plan to be back packing there in the next year or so and I'd really like to keep costs down. I have done a little research but as I have only just started learning Spanish I'm not getting very far :D any advice, recommendations or costs would be appreciated
  9. Hello.. never jumped but before you boo I have a tandem booked and a paragliding course on the cards depending if I get on with skydiving enough. Anyway hello and see you at the DZ or in the pub