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  1. Thanks for the advice. I may be new on here but I know some of the types of people who like to espouse nothing, but their own opinions. Yes, I agree with you, background checks are necessary to preserve the wholehearted integrity of not only the local jumpers, but the sport itself. It's just when individuals begin to attempt to govern a sport like this and tell those who they think are worthy, or maybe not worthy, of jumping off what they assume, are their cliffs, antenna's, etc. Diamond had the best advice earlier. We should help newbies, not hinder them. Thanks for the post and the ideas as well Wwarped and Diamond.
  2. You really have to love how some people need to be Nazi's and do background checks on everyone, THEY think, is not worthy of jumping in their domain. Maybe it's time those people woke and saw how unpopular they really are and how little they really know and what a risk those people are, not only thanks to their good advice, but to themselves as well.