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  1. Hi. Anyone from Parachute Systems that will answer an email would be huge! Thanks.
  2. Ok all you vortex II owners. I have a 135 evs system and want to know what size of crossbrace canopies you are all putting into yours so I have a feel for what I can buy for mine. Great systems. Thanks.
  3. Hey. Cant see any info on their site about it and as per they are not returning emails. Any info on when it will go mainstream? Thanks.
  4. Hey Chuck I appreciate your time and advice. I am right on the jump numbers you are talking about now and intend to do another 100-150 jumps on my mamba. I load it at 2.1:1 and while I love the way it flies at that loading I am giving up on glide at the end of my swoop. I do about 30% of my jumps as canopy dedicated jumps as I live near a small tandem dz with no other sporties which suits me fine. I am a very careful pilot. With all this in mind do you think a jump to a cb at 2.2:1 is too much?
  5. So in your opinion around the 20-25% larger than a standard 9 cell is about correct? And just while I've got you there, the xaos and velo pretty similar to someone stepping to a cross-brace or is the xaos a bit more gentle? Am moving from a similar sized mamba to probably a xaos. Thanks. Oh, impossible to get demos of either down in my part of the world.
  6. Help me please. Can anyone who is jumping a xaos 21 or 27 around the 98-108 let me know the capacity of their tray and how their canopy is fitting into it. Thanks. Cant seem to get a reply from precision about it.