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  1. ChrisG


    Did you know they pay minimum wage with no benefits?
  2. ChrisG


    When I first tried to pack my main, I could not close the container, so I took it out and sat on the bag a while to make sure all the air was out. I tried again and with more muscle than I've ever used on a rig, I got it closed. It was very tight, so tight that it distorted the material on the container. It was sticking out about an inch above the reserve at the top corners. It looked like shit. The pilot chute was also very tight.The rig looked like it was pregnant. I sent it back, with the canopy ,for them to check. I honestly thought they would immediately say something was wrong with the size. Instead they contacted me and said that it was (quote) "perfectly fine", and they were sending it back. When I got it back, it looked WORSE than when I packed it. They obviously have a blind eye towards cosmetic apperance. I called them back and the lady agreed that it was tight, but then she said my canopy would (magically) shrink over time. (??????) She also said the pilot chute would loosen up a little after 20-30 jumps, and that most people like their container tight so that they can downsize.She didn't ask if I was going to do that. (I'm not) Then she said, If we (GROAN) HAVE to build you a new rig, I have to promise her that I will dilligently watch my closing loop because it was going to be too loose, and I may kill myself. About then I decided to have nothing to do with that company again. They are desperate. The poor workmanship involves the stripes on the lower reserve. The fabric is wrinkled, like it wasn't pulled tight when they sewed it. This has nothing to do with safety or anything, but I feel that if they allowed that, there may be other areas of shitty work that got passed over that I cannot recognize. So, after all that, I did what I should have done in the first place- I ordered a Vector. Anyone want to buy a Wings? 150 reserve and a 135 main or smaller should fit nicely. $1000 OBO Chris Grenner D-7250