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  1. SeanSolo

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  2. SeanSolo

    Skydive Monterey Bay

    did second tandem and complete AFF school in two weekends. the people there are cool and laid back. the rigger is very detailed and knows his shit. the scenery is absolutely amazing. they like to do sunset jumps during the week, which work out perfect for people who work on weekdays. needs more funjumpers and weather holds suck. they have a really good balance on funjumper-to-tandem ratios and i have never felt that they cater to one or the other. they wont let you go out alone cause they always want to do a 2,3,4-way. i have to beat them away and use profanity to do jumps by myself. all in all, a great place to jump. the people: tami jo has tourettes so watch out for her. laura will make u buy video with her boobs. tony trys to get people in fights and will flip tandems until they dont know up from green. mako thinks he's the shit cause he has a million cameras, a million rigs, and a million jumps (he's a great instructor, great video, and lives to jump). dan is gay. dail shows her boobs at bars. happy is a self-declared genius (verdict is still out on that one). no one there sucks, but apparently raff doesn't like my shirts...