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  1. I am totally floored. I cant believe Caleb is gone. I learned to skydive at Air Adventures and I know that it was truly the best place to take up the sport. Caleb was proud of his safety record....but that was his ego talking. What the guy really cared about was everyone that walked in the door and you just knew it. I spent a lot of hours sitting in Caleb's office picking his brain about the sport and for a long time I always asked his advice before doing anything. I also bought all me gear through Caleb. He was just a totally trustworthy person. I got into CRW because of the passion Caleb and Howard had for it. That discipline took me away from Clewiston for most of my jumps after that but I always loved going back to Clewiston. It was a great DZ with great staff, and Caleb made it happen. The only thing bad I can say about Caleb is that he booted Jacque and Mom off the DZ....I missed her cooking something fierce. I remember when he got his dog Cubby and I lent him my dog training collars. They took a weird battery that is hard to find and when he gave it back to me there was a fresh battery in there plus a spare. I doubt that battery was to found anywhere in Clewiston. Its a little thing I know, but that was Caleb. He returned something back to me in better condition than I gave it to him. I moved away from Florida about 4 years ago and started a business and haven't jumped in those 4 years. I still have one rig sitting in a closet I look at every now and again and I always planned on visiting Clewiston again just to pop in and see Caleb. I have always thought of him a lot. The guy was as genuine as they come and I always thought he was too damn smart to be in the skydiving business! To much hassle and too little profit....but I know why he did it. He loved aviation and although some skydivers pissed him off because he had to babysit them, the other reason he stayed in the business is because Caleb liked being around free thinking people that are skydivers. I'll miss Caleb a lot. I wish I had heard of it when it happened because I would have been there. To the staff at Air Adventures, that new building looks great. Caleb had big plans and an even bigger heart. Lastly, I'll always remember Caleb calling me a "Handsome Man". That was a fun night and a nickname was born. That guy couldn't let go of a good joke. Blue Skies Caleb