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  1. Nice to see the normal freaks are still here.. Cheezy Cspence, turtle, monkey, mamma, Nick DG.. Merry Christmas everyone.. be safe out there!!!!
  2. Ahh Lucky.. These people are gonna make you feel things you have never felt before. They will show you a way of life you will never want to walk away from.. One you have never known.. I find it very hard from time to time to come to grips with the absence of this way of life and the people I've met in this community.. But, for a moment in time, I was apart of this way of life, skydiving and the people who make it what it is to me will forever be a part of mine.. I was closer to the sun and moon than ever before, I felt the air and it's cold carressing wind on my soul, and I'v kisseed the clouds. I've seen true happiness, and limitless joy.. This is the true way of life.. Lucky, You are in a good spot in your life and your gonna experience these things as I have, and you will know more than I did.. Enjoy it!!! smile, You are about to embark on a journey people only dream of, and still do.
  3. I have nothing to say, you will see it in the lives I have touched. None of you really know me.. Well there are a few dz.comers that I admire dearly. But i want you to come to my ash dive, and get on the load..Which I would like done at my home DZ in Clewiston.. BTW sunset load.. I don't jump anymore, but I will always know that skydiving brought me the happiest, most exilerating time of my life. The people I met were amazing and I am happy to have known them. Be peacefull be humble relax and smile Take me up as high as you can, come together and let my memory blow to the 4 winds..
  4. Happy Birthday Love ya lots. miss ya lots too.. E
  5. Short of reading any other post, beyond the responces you have already, I would like to clarify somthing.. This is a way of life. After your first couplr of jumps I'll bet you couldn't walk outside of any door to the world outside and not look up.. Bamm and it got you.. That smile that feeling of knowing you have been apart of the heavens tasted the air nad touched clouds, is beyond imaginantion. Till then. My short lived life in the skydiving community was the time of my life.. I always had that thought in the back of my head, injury, death. One day after a long hiatus from jumping I went back and said I have a baby now,, and it wasn't the same. So I savored my experiences and the people I met and the love I have for this way of life. Now. The injuries and deaths are apart of it.... If I were to die, everybody knew I would have died doing someting I had loved.. And Thats how I see the tragedies which unfold from time to time. It's hard to see injury, it's from mistakes. So are some of the deaths. Some were meant to be in the air, which seem so typical thats how that person should have gone. Some are so very tragic it leaves you tinking, i sthis for me. This question you ask, it's truely for yourself.. It's your decision, I made mine, and still love this way of life emencly. How did I deal?? said a lil prayer kept those people in my thoughts, and jumped on another load. Now here is sonthing else I would do... I would take a step back take a deep breath and slow down for a sec. Gather yourself and keep yur head on a swivle. You will make less mistakes. P.S. Don't pay attention to the ball busters on here or the skygods of the boogies and DZ's.. They started out with one jump just like you. Have fun be safe There's some beautiful people you will meet enjoy every moment. oh yea, don't push the injury, heal you'll have plenty of time to jump. or you'll be recovering much longer.
  6. plowdirt


    why are you giving someone the power to control your emotions in such a negetive manner. What maters is the people who know you best would know better, and if they don't, well, they don't know you... and it doesn't matter anyway.. Don't let someone hold yur e,otions and your character hostage.. Let it go.. People will know, or know already it's bs. Character assassination... Ha Ha NIce try. but ya missed....
  7. Wow pop in for a sec and she still puts a smile on my face. Ghawd that girl still makes me laugh. We were blessed. Thank you for all the laughs & smiles when I needed them the most, Even right now your still doing it. Thnx Lisa
  8. How about this,, pretty much if a cop says your drunk or your being arested for DUI.. you screwed.. Yea You might beat the charges in court, but,, The DMV still sees you got aressted for a DUI, and you gotta jump through their hoops.. Object is don't get caught.
  9. Awhhh shit and 29 more with nothing to say,, just 1 commmmmmeee onnnnnn!!!
  10. Awww Fucking fuuiey. Major Tom to ground control
  11. Now 8. common I could use the antics
  12. Now 5 more, which = 9 nobody wants to keep an ol'e jumper company????
  13. I been waiting for a pic. And thats classic. I didn't know you Rich, well who's to say our paths didn't cross and we had that look and maybe that nod. But, You lived and loved the air, the wind, the rush. REMEMBER: We are all brothers and sisters out here, and it doesn't take but a minute to ask someone for some eyes. My condolences to family and friends. E
  14. Not 4 of you come onn you have to wanna chat.