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  1. gary24

    2019 cf nationals

    it let everyone know i've been posting in the last couple of days. For the non-facefuckers there will soon be a mirror of the facebook discussions on my website for anyone to read.. i'll provide a link when it's active and viewable.
  2. gary24

    2019 cf nationals

    Sergio, Thanks! The feeling is mutual. -- Gary
  3. gary24

    2019 cf nationals

    Hello, My name is Gary Taylor, and i'll be the 2019 cf nationals chief judge. We have a little over 4 months, or 141 days till nationals, and i'd really like to workout any details ahead of time as possible. I'm not sure the best soap box / social platform to stand on, been asking around this morning, which is my first question to the community. Is there any good central place to conduct this conversation throughout the summer? Thanks! -- Gary