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  1. it let everyone know i've been posting in the last couple of days. For the non-facefuckers there will soon be a mirror of the facebook discussions on my website for anyone to read.. i'll provide a link when it's active and viewable.
  2. Sergio, Thanks! The feeling is mutual. -- Gary
  3. Hello, My name is Gary Taylor, and i'll be the 2019 cf nationals chief judge. We have a little over 4 months, or 141 days till nationals, and i'd really like to workout any details ahead of time as possible. I'm not sure the best soap box / social platform to stand on, been asking around this morning, which is my first question to the community. Is there any good central place to conduct this conversation throughout the summer? Thanks! -- Gary
  4. Well where do I start.. how about What the ..! it seems to be a discrepancy between the USPA VFS rules and the FAI VFS rules.. FAI rules redefine what a formation is "Formation: consists of jumpers linked by grips, with each jumper in the correct orientation to the relative wind." - FAI Vertical Formation Skydiving Competition Rules 2008 - the only orientation they describe is to the relative wind, and nothing about relative to each other... USPA has a different definition "A scoring formation is a formation which is correctly completed and clearly presented either as a random formation or within a block sequence as depicted in the dive pool, and which, apart from the first formation after exit, must be preceded by a correctly completed and clearly presented total separation or inter, as appropriate." - 2008 Skydiver's Competition Manual - they state that a scoring formation is a formation which is correctly completed and clearly presented. Merriam Webster defines formation as "formation - an arrangement of a body or group of persons or things in some prescribed manner or for a particular purpose" - paragraph 6. as in "". Now with all the said, hopefully we can all clearly understand why we are having this discussion. We have a problem for judging US Nationals VFS this year. It's my understanding that this event is to select which team is going to represent us at the world events. It would seem to me that we need to have two competitions, one with the USPA rules for bragging rights, and one with the FAI rules to select the US World team. Cause of course how embarassing would it be that we get stomped at the world games due to lack of practice. Practice being in butchered VFS formations to accomplish quicker transitions. Cause why not be a ball of .. in the sky playing paddy cake to get 60 points in a round. Still.. What The !! who comes up with this shhhh!t.. Blue Skies, -- Gary