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  1. Put about 50 jumps on Aurora. Excellent rig for WS. Well thought out. Very comfortable and light (no articulated harness - less metal, may be the material is lighter as well). Love the long and flat concept, very easy to reach hackey. The giant PC compartment is very elastic. Makes me worry a bit about the PC coming out prematurely. I love the mechanics of all in line DBag and corner less container. Looks and feels great:).
  2. TY. Will have to figure out how to do that:) Posted another video for Renegade. See below.
  3. https://vimeo.com/296288994 Here's some more Renegade footage. Great alternative for Wingsuiting.
  4. [https://vimeo.com/295150145] New excellence in wingsuit friendly canopy. Brian Germain's Renegade 7 cell with air locks.
  5. How about having a device like Fly Sight built into the helmet. It could be designed for better GPS signal reception and have a built in audible and or visual feedback for vertical/horizontal speeds and glide ratios...Same with commonly used cameras.
  6. Thank you for posting. I have been jumping at the Ranch for many years. I can't remember one instant when Alex did not sport a happy grin. He infected every one around him with his love of life and fun. My condolences to both families for this terrible tragedy. You will always be in our hearts Alex. Blue skies.
  7. Lurch, when trying to figure out your chart, you have to take into account your forward speed as well as your vertical (fall rate) speed. You are dealing with a vector (magnitude and direction). Your results can not be consistent if you only pay attention to fall rate (unless you always fly with the same forward speed).
  8. Hey Brian, just want to know if you did the obligatory heal clicks at pull time? :)
  9. I did a Round jump in 1984. My ankles still hurt from that...
  10. So constructive and informative discussion is possible on wing suit forum. Touch of humor never hurt anybody either. Great videos Spot. Thank you all.
  11. Thank you guys for constructive comments. Not to counter argue the idea, I have seen students start to go head down at pull tme and I make it a point to have them bend their knees aggressively while arching and collapsing the leg wing. I encourage them to find balance in this transition and even hold it a while (head up) till they are comfortable. Until they master this, I find their openings can be unpredictable. What say sages?
  12. So you don't like it then Lurch ? :)
  13. Clicking one's hills is the industry standard to alert others of you imminent pull. However, it introduces opportunity for instability at pull time for a nervous FFC student or it is physically difficult if not impossible to do in a 'large' suit. What if we introduce and alternative: flyer gets into a classic pull position (arched, knees bent, arms behind, hand on a hackey) and holds it for a few seconds. May be it could be the same amount of time one would spend clicking their heels. This position is unmistakeable when viewed in the air so no one should be confused about what will happen next. And for students it would teach them a proper, unhurried pull sequence with out unnessesary opportunity for instability. This could be either/or concept in wing suiting. Both 'wave off' techniques would become universally recognized. What do you think?
  14. Any tips on flying technique? Finally found the sweet spot to stop trailing edge from flapping (butt down quite a bit), but fall rate was embarrassingly high.