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  1. I figured this is an international crowd here. What kind of insight can anyone give me on personal experiences with unlocked phones on the GSM network? I am currently using Verizon Wireless, but I do travel quite a bit. VW roams and functions in some places and does not work at all in others. Traveling includes North America, Central America, Europe, and soon to be more. I would like a little more flexibility and a phone that I can use in Europe/abroad, as well as at home in Chicago/USA. I will be in Spain and Norway this summer with other family and would like an easy way to communicate with them. we will be coming and going from various areas. So cell phones would be nice.
  2. I haven't seen anything from Santa yet and it better show up soon... or I might have to enlist the help of briangoesboom's present and go get it.
  3. just got back from there last night still recovering... wish i went when i was your age!
  4. down the road Morris Il...born and raised
  5. The Rams are entering a world of pain. The Bears rock. I'm a total fair weather fan.
  6. back to the top so you can all look at this again and it doesn't get lost in the abyss
  7. Help a brotha out. My brotha that is. He's got a new myspace page up with a few songs off his new CD. Check him out. Nothing really hard or death metal like. Chicks seem to like his stuff. He'll be swapping songs in and out to sample periodically with a couple for free download. He is Chicago based, so if you like him, be is friend and he will post bulletins with show dates and things if you want to come check him out in the "windy city" thank you for your support
  8. Holy crap ten minutes in and I'm....
  9. Is this kind of a sausage party?
  10. my powerbook is pre intel and I'm not real familiar with windows emulator. What's it cost and where can I find it. Is it fairly seamless to operate or will there be some noticable hiccups. I was kind of wishing it had 100 foot increments below a 1000 also or maybe an audible feature... but it still beats the old altimaster III. Thanks for the insight. Erik
  11. Anybody have any experience with this yet? Specifically, is the logbook download software compatable with MAC or do I need a PC or some kind of pretend windows software on my mac. Thanks that altitrack looks like it is an awesome altimeter. erik