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  1. obadz

    Mirage G4

    I bought my G4 a couple years back. It's a fantastic rig and I'm very happy with it. Recently wanted a small adjustments made to my risers, so I contacted the guys at Mirage who epitomized professionalism & responsiveness: E-mails were answered within minutes. Gear was manufactured and shipped within days. This is a manufacturer that truly cares about its customer's satisfaction!!!
  2. Check out that other post by the same guy. This is so cliche it sounds like a troll... http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2823694;#2823694 But then again, I see trolls everywhere..
  3. Was 1.093 after the wheat thin cracker you had
  4. Heard this one before.. somehow it never happens
  5. http://www.nashobapublishing.com/ci_10445906
  6. I'm going to have to disagree here
  7. You say you've already bought it, so isn't asking for opinions now a tad late? My review of the Aviator is in the gear reviews...
  8. Had the same problem with a Safire2. All the lines were even but it was turning right slowly..
  9. Hey don't look at me like that: I jump an RSL I'm not arguing against it, just against the regulation aspect of your post. That doesn't mean I want to force that onto anyone else. If some guy is going to jump with his RSL disconnected on every jump, who am I to decide he should have some piece of gear flapping around his mudflap? If some swooper is going to jump with his AAD off, who am I to decide he should carry some piece of expensive electronics that'll add to his weight and pack volume? Regarding the people on the ground: my incentives are aligned with theirs: I don't want to fall onto them any more than they want me to. So now the question is, if there is a piece of equipment that would help reduce the probability of that happening, should there be a rule making that equipment mandatory for every skydiver? You could argue that. And you could probably make decent case for mandatory AADs (which many countries have done). But if so many highly experienced people disagree on the merits of the RSL, I don't believe it's such a clear-cut case. Has there ever been a case of a skydiver hitting someone on the ground in freefall? If so, would an RSL have made any difference? I think the "reasonable extent" qualification I used applies here.
  10. I disagree. It's very easy to determine when regulation is required: "Your freedom ends where my nose begins." In my humble opinion, as long as you're not affecting others, there's no need for what you do to be regulated. And my wearing an RSL (or not) really does not affect anyone but me (to any reasonable extent). Shooting rockets up evidently affects pilots which is why it needs to be regulated.
  11. [...] It's time that there is some requirements in this country other than you have to have your reserve repacked by a master rigger. There are other countries that actually require an AAD. Why not RSLs as well? [...] Oh yeah, regulation is definitely the answer to that one
  12. You again I guess we should discuss this at the DZ because I don't immediately see how L/D affects recovery arc length and are you talking about L/D of the canopy alone or including the jumper? I would think the main factor would be drag on canopy vs. drag on jumper, how far forward the center of lift is on the wing at high speeds and line length. In any case, I returned the canopy in question and I'm demoing canopies with longer recovery arcs in hope of buying one before the end of the season. This weekend, it will be a Samurai 150.
  13. I've had canopies level out after a turn with no input or even climb a bit.. I have to say I found the latter most annoying.
  14. (Note to Ian: I'm replying in that thread to keep the posts together. I'm assuming you will move us into a different thread as you see fit) I'm getting to similar results. I will work on this a bit more and try to plug some numbers to see if I can get anything realistic. Agreed. Hmmm.. I don't see a direct link as everything we discussed was mostly steady state, full flight, level wing. Front riser turns are much harder to analyze. Besides, during the recovery of a front riser turn, 1) glide ratio is flattened, 2) airspeed is increased, 3) front riser pressure is increased. All these are good things in your model. Now during the initiation of the turn, you might be vulnerable..