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  1. For my 18th birthday I decided to do something I always wanted to do, skydive. So for about a month I began looking into places to jump. Sure there were closer ones, but none offered same day AFF classes and jump, which I needed. The fact that Skydive New England was 3 hours away from home was a little bit of a turn off, but I was determined. When I got to the DZ the weather was a beautiful August day and the area seemed very nice. I noticed quickly that the staff was very friendly and everyone was very welcoming. I quickly began my class, and I was the only student in my class. They could have easily delayed my class, or even cancelled due to no other students. The class began and it was easy to learn from the staff and we routinely took breaks. The class took 6 hours, which I expected to happen. After getting geared up I was ready to jump. As we were boarding the aircraft, and during flight, both instructors checked on my equipment and on my mental health. We were ready to jump. We jumped and they did what they needed to do in order for me to have good form. As I began deployment I began to loose form and before anything serious could happen my main instructor pulled my chute to prevent instability. As I descended an instructor on the ground helped me land a perfect landing, right on the mark. Thanks Skydive New England for an excellent first jump!