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  1. Copycat

    Mirage G3

    My first Mirage is my fourth rig, after 3 Javelins. Being a packer, I had the chance to see and touch many rigs and jump some as well. At first I had problems with the leg straps, they hurted when I was under canopy. Then I realised, I needed not to tighten them so much. Now my G3 feels like an angel hugging you. I'm very happy with it and I hope my next rig isn't a G3, but a G4 =)
  2. I just want to point out that his mother lives in Alaska. That's his mother's phone number. I spoke with her and she was in tears when I told her my story with Reece.
  3. I know he was working in Skydive CSC. The DZM kicked him because of he scamming me, so he's no longer on the staff list. The last two phone numbers I have from him are: Personal: 602-653-9658 Mother in Alaska: 3135624583 He usually goes by handles like "limegreenreece" or "limegreenvideo". He own(ed) a Black and RBL Mirage G3. Attached are photos of how he looks. He deserves nothing but prison. [edit] I just found this. You could try contacting his contacts.
  4. Hey! Not bad for being my first reserve dirty clothes packing! Thanks again everybody!
  5. No, the yellow loop is just there to make snugging the closing loop easier. My guess is that in the process of disassembly, the closing loop got turned inside out. Look for the braid to change (invert) about 2-1/2 to 3 inches from where the cord is knotted at the disk. If this is this case, your closing loop is not usable and you'll have to make a new one. Oh heck! You're right!! I can see it's inverted right there! Thanks for the detailed instructions, Mark, you have a ticket, a beer and a packjob on me at Skydive Tortuga as well! Blue skies and thanks so much for making this a good place for rigging illiterates like me who wish to learn! You guys are fantastic
  6. Is it really too small? Thankfully I haven't seen any other RPCs. Pic attached. That's the other problem... I have no loop going inside itself after the tied loop end (yellow). It was probably cut? Then, I wasn't sure about the meaning of "fingertrapped", googled it, and the second result was (surprisingly) this one: My loop is nowhere near 36", I'm now sure I'm missing the third end entirely. Thanks to you now I understand how to do it. I just found my cypres came with some 60" of loop, so I'll try to make the Reflex loop out of it according to the instructions and your explanations. Thanks so much Brian, if you ever come to Italy, you have a ticket on me (and a packjob and a beer if you come to Skydive Tortuga in Arezzo!)
  7. Thanks Brian for taking your time! I understood you entirely and your graphic was very helpful. But now I realized that I was using the loop the rig came with the wrong way. It has just two ends (and I can't feel any loop going inside and hidden) so I'm missing a knot or to do something with the holes of the disc. This is what I have (the red and blue is the line under the disc), the yellow is tied in a loop (this is where the pin goes?) Thanks again!
  8. Thanks! Same to BrianM and PhreeZone =) I will notify and that the manual hosted at their site has some pages missing. Anyway, I still can't figure out what the guy is doing with the cypres loop and disc. (page 9, figure 6-6 in the manual, picture attached)
  9. Hey, now I know why I don't understand the manual... it's incomplete! at least 12 pages are missing, most on the reserve pack instructions! Does anybody have a good copy? Link
  10. Hello! Some time ago I bought a (non-airworthy) Reflex h/c to help funding of a dropzone. Since I started skydiving I've been interested in rigging (I'm a packer at Skydive Tortuga, Arezzo). I found the user manual (in pdf) to try packing the reserve (the freebag is full of sweaters and t-shirts) but looking at it is like looking at chinese kanji. The container came with a 40cm cypres loop and disc and I can't understand yet what do I do with all of it. So far I got the T bodkin through the freebag (in its place) and folded the bridle. If anyone is bored and wants to help a wannabe rigger, I'd appreciate very much any guidance! (I've now downloaded the Racer's manual since it's similar and design, can it be packed the same way?)
  11. Yup. Been there a couple of time, nice atmosphere. They had a PAC 750XL two months ago, can't confirm this right now. If you want to jump throughout the week, Skydive Tortuga (Arezzo, east tuscany) is always open []. Olav just came back if you want to do some FF =) PM me if I can be of any further help. Blue Skies! PS: USPA license OK, bring your reserve pack logs and jump logbook =)
  12. Check, check, and check! Thanks so much!!
  13. Yes. 9 cells have more forward speed (and thus, wind penetration) A 7 cell has less forward speed, so you can pinpoint a target better. Size just will matter only because of the increased response and vertical speed on same-type canopies. Demo a Spectre 170, you won't regret that canopy.
  14. In no way I could give you a professional opinion, but my guess nonetheless would be a Spectre 170 - 190, with your amount of jumps and needs My previous canopy was a Spectre 170 and I absolutely loved it: very predictable and slow, soft openings, great precision landing (smoothest landings I've ever had! started braking high and pulled fully before touchdown, it was feather-like). Only (very big) disadvantage was absolutely no wind penetration. I almost felt going backwards with moderate up wind.
  15. Thanks JP, I'd rather be an outlaw than feel unsafe every time on the way to altitude. To add to my dislike of soft handles, it's the exact same royal blue as my suit. I contacted my new rigger again today and asked him about the repairs, he said it was a courtesy full check and that's why he sent me the list with costs first before touching the canopy. He said that from a short time-span point of view, the canopy is very jumpable (even 100 jumps). He underlined that that costs were to leave it in absolute mint condition. Guess that it was just lack of good communication Sorry to seem like a troll, my only intention is to make this sport safer in any way, and learning about all the details I don't understand seems like a good first step. Olav always teaches me the importance of safety and not taking anything lightly. Blue skies everybody!