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  1. Copycat

    Mirage G3

    My first Mirage is my fourth rig, after 3 Javelins. Being a packer, I had the chance to see and touch many rigs and jump some as well. At first I had problems with the leg straps, they hurted when I was under canopy. Then I realised, I needed not to tighten them so much. Now my G3 feels like an angel hugging you. I'm very happy with it and I hope my next rig isn't a G3, but a G4 =)
  2. Copycat

    Reflex reserve packing?

    Hey, now I know why I don't understand the manual... it's incomplete! at least 12 pages are missing, most on the reserve pack instructions! Does anybody have a good copy? Link
  3. Copycat

    Proper Size Canopy....!

    In no way I could give you a professional opinion, but my guess nonetheless would be a Spectre 170 - 190, with your amount of jumps and needs My previous canopy was a Spectre 170 and I absolutely loved it: very predictable and slow, soft openings, great precision landing (smoothest landings I've ever had! started braking high and pulled fully before touchdown, it was feather-like). Only (very big) disadvantage was absolutely no wind penetration. I almost felt going backwards with moderate up wind.
  4. Copycat

    High-res pictures of freeflying

    I have plenty, but I don't know if they are (and they probably are) copyrighted, so I don't know if I can post them here. My best guess is do a google image search of "freefly" or "freeflying". You'll get plenty =)
  5. Copycat

    Premium Freefly Suit

    I've had my Kurupee since August now and I absolutely love it. I have it with the snap fastener, v-shaped neck and it rocks. Has very safe velcro pockets on legs and one inside in the chest area, perfect for an iPod, wallet or cellphone. Fits great, looks great, and most importantly, flies great!