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  1. Thanks for that advice. Think I will do that.
  2. Ben/Rodney/Macca would have a heart attack. Possibly all simultaneously Hell yeah they would! Hi there back atchya! I do hope packing Jarrett was just recommending a stiletto and not the size....... Anyway, lucky I am not keen to jump on a 97! I did however try out a Crossfire 119. And love it...except cut away twice from spin diving caused by line twists. Though have decided to give it a few more chances and change my body position on deployment. Was just wanting to put the feelers out for other peoples knowledge and opinions on what they like to jump with a board on. Blue one's
  3. No standing up on beginner board. I did 2 jumps on beginner, then the rest have been on inter (Leaner) board. About to start using proper sized inter board (about 5" longer than one am on now and a bit narrower.) Then when I get that down and safe deploys, will go to full size. (Not in a rush though) Exciting times ahead!
  4. Hi there all skysurfing freaks. I have about 25 skysurf jumps under my belt. I did these with my Sabre 2 150. This sometimes would give me quite hard/fast openings when in the standing up deploy position as you do on the board. I have just sold this canopy and am wondering what people like and recommend when on the board? Thanks for your input
  5. Thankyou for your interest in all coombsey's friends comments of respect to him. He was and most certainly still is loved by soooooo many people. And also thankyou for your open invitation for those of us in Australia to pay our respects to his family and to him at his funeral service in Lismore. I'm a jumper from Toogoolawah, so I'll see you there. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Love and Light, Live free, Cecilia
  6. Coombes, what a legend! And your legend lives on. Love you Brother, MWA* Forever in my sky Much Much Love, Cec* You definatly lived the dream, And now i will only get to see you in mine* Don't run the bundy tap dry, I'll definatly be thirsty when I see you next