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  1. Thank you for that stayhigh. I have been in discussion with a few of the minds that write for the Army and Navy regarding parachute operations. We have all come to the conclusion that in a wrap situation it is best to try to clear as much as possible(swimming hand over hand is a good reference here too), then pull your MAIN pilot chute at your hard deck. The idea being that you cannot control where your reserve pilot chute fires, but you can take your main pilot chute and throw it at any blue you see and hope it clears and pulls you out or at least gives you a chance to have a good chute over your head, even if you are still wrapped. Going to let this percolate a little more before revising our manual. may be some more ideas and experiences yet to add. I tell you after 47 years in the sport, I still find it incredibly exciting discussing and working out ideas. Cheers!
  2. I'm looking at it from the angle of the video guy, not the TI. Some of you have sent private messages and that's great, thank you. If you would not like to speak of the incidents publicly, I'm cool with that. Cheers!
  3. By the way, thoughts and ideas are welcomed here as well. This is an impossible situation, I'm thinking, but would really like to hash it out.
  4. I am putting together some information for my camera crew and am stumped while considering a crazy situation. It has never happened to me or anyone that I know of, so I have not had first hand knowledge of a serious drogue entanglement. Has anyone ever had themselves entangled in a drogue and had the tandem master cut away while they were still entangled? What did you do and what exactly happened? I just want to formulate some ideas on the situation. Happy Flying folks.
  5. Hi Doug I noticed you did a training video on the Panasonic AG-HMC150 AVCCAM Camcorder and i was wondering what your overall impression was and how you think it compares to the sony HDR-AX2000 AVCHD i intend to use it both as a ground camera and helmet mount you doing well ?
  6. I have one on order so i will let ya know how it works after i run it through the paces.Not at all concerned about the OIS as that system in one form or another has been around for years and had not caused a problem until sony came out with the cvx 7, cvx 12 and the HDR-TG1 after that the problem seemed to get sorted out. (what camera are you using?) I have used the cx 100 and i am presently using a cx 500 which seems to have buttery smooth ois. i am thinking the extra ois at wide angles is because when walking , running or say skydiving with the camera you would be using a wider focal length and camera shake could use some assistance. all that said i am still excited about being able to pick my shutter speed and also the after the fact still image capture capabilities not to mention having the lanc port back again. One of the many things i have learned over the years is a frame of mind such as contempt prior to investigation closes many if not all doors to discovery. Just saying . Quote
  7. Check this out. the more i look at it the better it looks. lanc port , capture stills after the fact and 24,30 and 60 fps and a shutter priority mode so you can pick your shutter speed (finally)
  8. Anyone out there had any luck , dragging and dropping cx12 files to a pc and playing them with windows media player? Any input would be appreciated thanks mike
  9. i have had less then favorable results using the steady shot. seems to make the video have the "i drank to much coffee jitters. i have never had very good luck with auto focus either, manual set to infinty seems to be the way to go. good luck and enjoy the camera one last thought. " the camera takes the picture, the mind and spirit create it"
  10. Item: L1241 SKYLITE VIDEO RECORDING INDICATOR This small, compact electronic unit can help you in a BIG way by letting you verify that your headgear mounted video camera is in record mode throughout the skydive! The SkyLight uses a tiny light sensitive transistor that you simply tape to your video camera's external record indicator (tally light). When you begin recording, your video camera's record indicator lights up and the SkyLight's transistor triggers (via a small battery pack) an ultra-bright LED that attaches to your headgear's eyesight or other visible location. The easy-to-see LED illuminates brightly and can be seen throughout the skydive, forever eliminating the confusion of if the camera is actively recording or only in stand-by! This unit is designed to work with most video cameras and comes complete with "easy to install" mounting instructions and batteries. Shipping Weight: 1 lb. (455g). from paragear
  11. Hey Jerry Wow what a great x mas present. You da best. Most definatly i am chompen at the bit wanting to air one out. my address 4854 north taylor st eloy az 85231 619 534 9170
  12. jerry are you certin that was a dual keel. word i got was they were very realiable
  13. for some strange reason i am interested in jumping a dual keel dactyl. If any one out there has one for sale and some performance info i would appriciate hearing from you
  14. any one notice that our very own karen lewis has a cover shot on this month's skydiving magazine? way to go lew, it is a great shot and belonged on the cover