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  1. There are actually nearly 50 differences between the Z1 and the FX, most are electronic and DSP. For skydiving, you'd definitely want the BlackStretch for depth of color/deeper gamma. You can somewhat approximate this in post, but not quite. Additionally, it can shoot 50i or 60i, which is critical for film or 24p matching. JAG, NCIS, and 24 are all using the Z1 at 50i to match HDCAM output. A1 has some benefits over Z1 for jumping; it has CMOS vs CCD. The bene is that CMOS has no smear on highlight surfaces, where CCD always displays vertical smear. If you catch the sun, highlights from rigging, helmet, water, etc, then the A1 will not smear or flare those areas. JimmyTavino, thanks for the kind wishes. I'm very much looking forward to more jumps, owning my own rig, and being able to expand my options as a professional shooter/editor. I'll have more jump-related info later today about the A1, I'm loaning mine to a cameraman at the local DZ to shoot me and a few other jumps today. I'll edit and post footage once I've got it.
  2. Try Vegas Movie Studio. 99.00 retail, and it's VERY fast, easy to learn, and powerful even though cheap. Move up to Vegas professional if you need it. www.vasst.com has a lot of Vegas/video training resources for free.
  3. Wow, maybe I can offer some value to this particular forum. I literally wrote the book on HDV, and can comment on the HC3...It's going to (most likely) give you issues due to the way the electronic stabilizer works in this camera. Even tho it's a higher cost, the A1U is being used very successfully as a helmet cam. The HC3 has a different stabilization system, and coupled with the MPEG format, likely will macroblock. Force the shutter to lock at 1/60, and let the rest be auto, and you'll be getting the best this cam can give. I have an HC3, A1U, Z1, etc, but I'm a newbie to the sport. I've edited and processed/corrected a LOT of jump footage, which has inspired me to start jumping myself, but that doesn't qualify me to talk about the cam as a helmet cam. I'm happy to answer any HDV questions, HD questions, etc that you might have. I don't know much about jumping yet, but I know video backwards and forwards.